Thursday, August 13, 2009

Hair thoughts

Nope, still haven't uploaded any pictures to my computer. Hence the lack of blogging. :)

The latest news I guess is that I got a bad haircut. Actually TWO bad haircuts. The second one was to fix the first one. And okay, the second one is a tad better, but I now look like a 5 year just lays flat in this horrible bob. Ugh. Both haircuts, which occurred Saturday, were at an inexpensive chain of salons, which makes it a LITTLE easier to take (because they didn't cost much).

Tomorrow night a friend who cuts hair is coming over to salvage my pride--she assures me she can make something cute out of this mop. Thank goodness!

Confession: I generally get about two haircuts a year. Yes, just two. And I never pay much for them either, even though I used to. I also used to spend a lot more on clothes and makeup. Then we adopted and went to Africa, and I honestly just can't do it anymore. Yes, I still spend money sometimes. No, I don't just automatically buy cheap stuff. I value how I look, I like nice things, and we aren't living hand-to-mouth. But really, it's God's money, not mine, and ultimately everything has an opportunity cost.

Strangely I'm more content today than I was five years ago, even though I spend less money on myself, have less free time, etc. Funny how that works. I feel like I'm more comfortable with who I am, and with where God has me. I'm conscious of the cues my kids will pick up from me, about what's important in life. I definitely still struggle with vanity, but I feel like God is working on me.

So I guess all in all, I'm not sorry I opted for a cheap haircut (as opposed to paying more at a nicer salon), even though it turned out poorly. (Incidentally, even after all three haircuts, it will cost less than I used to pay). Because for all the cheap cuts I've gotten, this was the first one (well, two) that was bad. It's a bummer, but hey, it happens.

And on a side-note, I am so that person who pretends to be happy when I leave the salon, even when I'm not. I know, lame. But what good will it do to say I don't like it, if the person's not competent enough to do a good job anyway????


Jeannett Gibson said...

Okay a picture is TOTALLY in order! Do NOT let that friend of yours cut ONE hair until you have snapped a photo!

I also only get about 2 cuts per year. I do pay a little bit more ($35 plus tip) but I justify it by only doing it once every six months. I used to go to the cheaper places, but unlike you, I somehow managed to get a bad haircut just about every time I I gave up. Vanity thy name is Jeannett. SO sad.

The Hattons... said...

You're right, our views / values change so much when we come home from Ethiopia. It's so wonderful how God works in us and can change our hearts.

I too only get about 2 cuts a year now. Thankfully mine is pretty long now that a trim won't make it look horrible but I have been there ... which is why I grew it out!

Anonymous said...

I cringe at what I used to pay every 6 weeks for hair that I would immediately wash and REdo at home. Now I'm a Fantastic Sams gal, and I've sent a number of friends there as well!
I am also the queen of faking delight at a bad haircut. Because it's not like I'm going to ask her/ him to try and fix what they already botched, right?
OK, I have to come clean. I still visit my Aveda salon a couple times a year. I get the precision cut there, then my FS guy keeps it up for me on the cheap. I get the best of both worlds. :-)

Marissa said...

I had to laugh at the "pretending to be happy when you leave the salon" line. I'm glad I'm not the only one that does that.

This was a great post. Perspective and getting older is such a gift.

Kristen said...

i hate bad hair cuts. i'm sorry! you last comment made me laugh. i, too, am a person who smiles and says she loves it every time she leaves the salon no matter what my hair looks like. bad, bad. blessed are the people pleasers??? no, i don't think the Bible says that.

JaneeNoel said...

Totally get what you mean. I am the same way with money.

If you want a great haircut for cheap, try the Aveda Academy downtown. For around $15 you can get a wash, scalp massage, a great haircut, blowdry, style, and makeup application. They offer plenty of other services too - all using Aveda products. It's like the regular salon experience at a fraction of the price.
Their stylists are all licensed and are going through the advanced Aveda training program.

Jenna H said...

you're last paragraph - totally true and totally me! I used to try inexpensive places occasionally and always hated the results. After getting sick of paying $50+ for a decent haircut, I went to the beauty school here in Parker and found a girl who did an AWESOME job for under $10!! She just graduated so I am hoping she gets a job at a cheapie place!

Mike and Rachel said...

My new plan is to grow my hair out a little bit so I can go longer between cuts then use the "savings" to get cheap highlights at a beauty school. I am at the 4 month mark right now and my hair is driving me crazy, it has a mind of it's own!

And I CANNOT believe you didn't post pictures. How can we feel bad for you if we didn't get to see the evidence???

Lisa Leonard said...

i bet your hair is totally cute. i just don't believe you--let's see a pic for some proof!

i had some scary scary haircuts at chain salons. for my sanity and well-being a need a good haircut. can we still be friends??


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