Thursday, August 20, 2009

Necessity is the mother of invention (alternately titled, Why it sometimes pays to own junk)

We have yet to really get into the whole bicycle thing for the kids. We've acquired some different stuff over the years--a tricycle, a plastic motorcycle, and then the bike in the above picture. We got it used from someone--"Hot Wheels" with training wheels. At some point Yosef took a real liking to it.

Recently it's been, uh, falling apart. A couple of weeks ago in fact a friend and I were cracking up because truly, it had all this stuff coming off of it. One of the training wheels (which is visible in this picture) is totally bent upward (so non-functional), the foam is coming out of the seat, and there was this huge decorative thing that was coming off the front, that actually resembled jagged metal (now it's completely off.)

And today was the day when the FUNCTIONAL training wheel decided to come off. But that didn't stop Yosef. Nope, instead he taught himself--in about ten minutes--how to ride a two-wheeled bike. No joke. I'm so proud of my boy!!! (And yeah that's him pedaling on our deck with no training wheels.)

Now we're definitely in the market for some bikes and helmets. Oh how I love Craigslist!!!

(Yes I just posted a photo. Which means I've uploaded a bunch. So now I can actually maybe get back to blogging.)


Maria said...

Bless you and your family. How beautiful you all are.

It is a joy to see this blog and know where it comes from.



Joanie said...

This story is GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Go Yosef, Go!

MoonDog said...

try freecycle too!

Jenna Hoskinson said...

too cool!

I can't tell from the picture if this bike has a chain or not, and it probably doesn't, but I just have to share 2 stories which are reminders why kids (actually, everyone) needs to wear close-toed shoes when riding bikes. My mom had her toe almost completely torn of by a bike chain when she was a kid and my brother also almost lost a toe from a bike chain when we were riding double as kids. Hmm, makes me wonder why my mom wasn't more adamant about us wearing shoes.


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