Monday, December 20, 2010

Twelve Days of Christmas, large-family style

Okay, multiple people have emailed this to me (gee, I wonder why?) and now I HAVE to share it with you.  SO, so hilarious.  (I know, first "Double Dream Hands" and now this.  There's some funny stuff out there!)  And, as usual, I could have written it myself (if I were more creative--it's awesome!  This family rocks.) 

Needless to say I have been asked single question in this song.

Except for the "are you Catholic?" one.  Bummer, because I actually have an answer for that.

I HAVE however been asked if we are Mormons, by someone I was meeting for the first time.  (Which led me to wonder how often Latter Day Saints feel discriminated against or stereotyped.  I have had many friends throughout my life who were LDS and I never stopped to think how people might treat them on account of their faith.  This was a tangent, by the way.  Get used to it, because I love a good rabbit trail.)

My answers are pretty much the same as this family's--though if someone DID ask if we were Catholic, I'd have to say "no, but we follow Church teaching on family and life issues, and will probably end up eventually reconciling someday."  That wouldn't fit so well in the song though.  And it might open a huge can of papal infallibility/prayers to the Saints/Mary-as-the-mother-of-God worms in Costco with a stranger.

I give a hearty three cheers for large families, whether they be Mormons, Catholics, Quiverfull-ers, regular old people who like chaos children, or aliens from outer space.  Hear, hear!  :)  (That's me agreeing with myself.  Apparently, in addition to liking rabbit trails, I like talking to myself.  So I guess you'll have to get used to that too.  :)  )


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