Wednesday, December 15, 2010

What I wore and cooked Wednesday

Welcome to my inaugural edition of combining what I wore with what I made for dinner this past week. 

First, my meals in all their glory:

Wednesday: Italian crock pot chicken, salad w/ feta and balsamic dressing
Thursday: leftovers
Friday:  spinach lasagna, sourdough bread, salad (friends came for dinner)
Saturday:  noodles (with green onions and cilantro) in Thai peanut sauce (you can buy it at Costco, so yummy!), served over lettuce.  pictured above.
Sunday: pizza out at Costco
Monday: leftovers (I, however, went out to dinner with some girlfriends, so yay!)
Tuesday: Antipasto sandwiches (more friends for dinner)

There seems to be an Italian theme this week.  My maiden name is Perruzzi, so go figure.  :)

Now for what I wore:

Wednesday: Mass, giftwrapping with girlfriends
sweater dress: thrift store
jeans and shoes you can't see: Target clearance

Thursday.  Kids' school Christmas swim party.  (I seriously thought about taking a photo of me in my swimsuit.  HA!  But I thought I'd spare us all.)
ruffly shirt: thrift store
everything else: Target clearance

Friday: lunch with Kevin, friends for dinner

sweater dress and shoes: thrift store
jeans: Target clearance

Monday: dinner out with girlfriends

all clothing: thrift store
boots: Kohl's

Tuesday: dinner with friends from our small group

shirt: yard sale
sweater and jeans: Target clearance
shoes: thrift store

Well I need to go get my kids lunch, and clean up my kitchen.  Anna has now fallen victim to the stomach flu making its rounds, so we missed Mass this morning and I'll be saying home with her (and Mary) this afternoon while Kevin takes the other three to his company Christmas party for kids. 

I hope you all have a happy Wednesday!


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