Wednesday, December 08, 2010

What I wore (and cooked) Wednesday

First some pictures, then some business.

Sunday two weeks ago.  Church, errands.
sweater: thrift store
jeans: Target clearance
shoes: church clothing swap

Thursday.  School drop off/pickup, spent time with friends.
sweater: hand-me-down
white tank top: Walmart
jeans: Target clearance
boots: thrift store
scarf: thrift store
necklace: lisa leonard designs

Friday night.  Fancy company party with Kevin. 
sweater: Target clearance
dress: thrift store
shoes you can't see: Target four years ago
(The angle/lighting in this picture is horrible!  The dress did NOT make my hips look so wide.  I promise.  I hope.  I also wore jewelry that you can't see.)

Tuesday.  Community group. 
gray sweater dress: thrift store
red cardigan sweater: hand-me-down
shoes: church clothing swap
scarf: thrift store
necklace: Ugandan beads

As you can see, I forgot to take photos this week.  Well, I took a couple, but mostly I forgot.  I kind of like this weekly feature, but I mostly hate it, because it feels incredibly vain. 

I buy most things second-hand and I want to encourage people that you can look semi-decent shopping at thrift stores.  (AND it's a ton of fun.  Especially with your daughter or with a friend!)  I also like it because I think it makes me realize that I DON'T wear pjs every single day--it feels that way, but it's not actually the case apparently.  Go me?

But still it bothers me.  So I think I am going to blend it with "What I cooked Wednesday" where I also share the meals I made that week.  That should be properly humbling.  And take care of any lingering vanity.


Cooking is not something that I love.  I like the IDEA of preparing healthy, yummy food for our family, and I do find it quite fulfilling, but I don't feel that confident about it.  And it's a lot of pressure because I have SEVEN mouths to feed around here.  And I'd rather sit and read.  :)  So, just know that you will be getting yet another terrifying window into my real life here each and every Wednesday. 

That being said, I'm excited because I just got SUCH a yummy recipe for salad dressing from a friend, and maybe this "What I wore/cooked Wednesday" really will help me be more creative and consistent in my meal planning.  OR you'll just get to witness the random stuff we eat, deduce that my blog is no longer worth reading, and run off screaming into the blogosphere-night.

This week though I'll simply tell you about a cookbook that I LOVE.  A friend of mine (!) actually wrote it, and it's excellent.  Lots of fun and tasty recipes, many of which regularly make it to our dinner table.  There are lots of great tips in there too for meal planning, budgeting etc.  You can buy it on Amazon.  It would make a great Christmas gift!

So I'll try getting my act together in the kitchen and let's meet back here next Wednesday.  But don't be surprised if there are multiple photos of me in my robe, and multiple nights of quesadillas.  Yes, I'm setting the bar low on purpose.  Because now anything beyond nuked cheese in a tortilla, prepared by me in my jammies, will seem utterly impressive! 

It's all part of my master plan.


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