Wednesday, December 22, 2010

What I wore Wednesday...or, what I THOUGHT I wore Sunday

Well friends, this is a special edition of What I wore Wednesday.

I didn't take many photos this week. 

But that doesn't really matter, because I have an entertaining story instead (to go with the one picture I DID take.)

Oh, and no meals this week.  I don't even remember what we had--I think meatloaf, nachos, leftovers, lots of salad.

So...some What I wore Wednesday background.

A dear friend of mine brought over a bunch of hand-me-downs one day that someone had given her.  And, this past Sunday, I thought I'd peek in the bag to find something new-to-me to wear.

I came across what I thought was a shirt in an interesting fabric and was a periwinkle-y color that I never, ever wear.  SO I decided to give it a go.  It happened to be a pretty low-cut halter-style top (and I'm all for modesty), but I wore a green shirt underneath, and a black cardigan sweater over it, so that part didn't show.

And as we were sitting in church, I happened to look down and notice the stitching on the bottom of the shirt...and got to thinking about how it was such a long shirt...and started feeling the fabric...and realized THAT I WAS WEARING A BATHING SUIT TOP.  I could scarcely keep from cracking up in the middle of the sermon.  I immediately leaned over to Kevin and said, "I'm wearing a swimsuit at church."  He of course couldn't believe it, and thought it was hilarious too.

Anyway, let it be known that when you acquire clothing second-hand, be it from the thrift store or from a friend of a friend, you are apparently taking a major risk.  And if you're like me, eventually it'll catch up with you and, well, you'll wear something weird.  Like a bathing suit, in Denver, in December.  BUT, if you have a blog (also like me), it makes for a great story! 

(As you're reading this, we are on the road to California.  Happy Wednesday!)


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