Friday, August 01, 2008

Assorted summer pictures

On the 4th of July we went up to Broomfield to watch the fireworks with Angela, Marrty and their kids.
Kaitlyn was BY FAR the most into the fireworks, out of the Heldt kids. She just kept pointing and "talking". Here she is, enjoying the show and eating an oreo.
Found Yosef like this at naptime one day...fell asleep sitting up, cocooned in a quilt. (This is his current "bedroom", a couch in what will be the kids' playroom. He doesn't seem to mind.)

Panda Express after church.

Kaitlyn making her "I'm too spiteful to smile" face. Love that crazy little kid!
Anna loves to help Daddy order and bring the food.
Stylin' in a fireman hat at the fireworks show.

More pictures to come later. Life is busy and still a bit unsettled. Our hardwood floors are done, and carpet goes in in a couple of weeks. This past week was filled with lots of fun things, like going to Summer Conversations at church Sunday night, dinner with church people Tuesday, meeting Tanya and the girls at a great park with lots of fountains Wednesday, a playdate with Jennifer and her kids yesterday, and going to little Ryan's fourth birthday party last night. Tonight Kevin insists we're going to a free Third Day concert in town, but I have my doubts about the youngest member of our family and her desire to attend. Guess we'll see!
Tomorrow morning is Angela and Marrty's walkathon. Again, if anyone would like to support this amazing family bring their kids home, let me know!


Shana said...

I hope you make it to the concert! Third Day is one of my favorite groups!

Angela said...

um. yeah. in pic#2, that would be my skin. my underwear. and my dd hiking up her dress. to quote you,brianna...'niiiiiiiiiiiice.'

can't wait to see you tomorrow morning!! :) woohoo!!!
thanks so much for your support and encouragement! YOU are a sweet, sweet friend, and an amazing family!! :)

Angela said...

oh, and i wanted to say...
how sweet is that first pic with mae and anna both having thier little hands up by thier necks? so cute...

and...the one of yosef napping is priceless...


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