Monday, August 11, 2008

Yin and Yang

So that's what I'm seriously contemplating changing my sons' names to. I kid you not, as we enjoy a phase where one boy is kind, obedient, and generally all-around pleasant, the other one goes through a phase of being defiant, or grumpy, or just all-around difficult. Then the phase passes. And at some point they'll switch.

What is up with that? Maybe it's a twin thing. Does one child's positive behavior prompt the other to act up, or vice-versa? My boys crack me up. Just when I think I have them (or any of my kids really) figured out, they surprise me.

And yet as crazy as these three-and-a-half-year-old boys are, Kaitlyn is the true fire-cracker in this household. Yeah. She pretty much runs things around here.


Lara said...

Too funny =). Caedra always did the same thing to me. Anytime I defined her outloud to someone, she would change. I still can't keep up with her.
I so wish I could see little Kaitlyn developing her personality. Sounds like she's holding her own. =)

joy said...

i want to see katilyn, too! Sounds like she and Esther would be great friends.

shell said...

I think it is twins-my boys are like that. They take turns being the first in so many things!! One would be ahead developmentally for a few months and then they would switch! We were just at the DR today for their 6 year check up and they weight exactly the same weight!!!!!!! 43.5 lbs. Soo funny, they haven't been the same in years. Twins are just too fun. I wish I had a twin!


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