Saturday, August 30, 2008

She speaks!

At 17 months old, my baby is talking! Up until about three days ago, Kaitlyn was only saying the words "mama", "dada", and "no." Suddenly, she's picking up about two new words
a day! Here is her current vocabulary:

bye bye
night night
uh oh
iwannit (her version of "I want it")

For awhile I've suspected that while Kaitlyn WASN'T talking, she COULD if she wanted to. See the thing you gotta know about my littlest girl is that she is all about the spite. Yes, spite. This is a child who, if you're trying your darndest to make her smile, will tuck her chin to her chest, purse her lips, and do everything in her power NOT to smile. On the phone last night when I told my dad that Kaitlyn was saying more words, but will only say them on her terms, he replied, "I have a feeling she'll be doing MOST things on her terms!"

Oh-so-true. I love my baby girl and her spunky personality. Watch out world!

Because I have a feeling that when Kaitlyn speaks, you'll be listening.


Jacquelyn said...

Eliannah's the same way. Especially when it comes to taking pictures. She will deliberately pose herself and give the cutest expression while saying "Cheese" until the second that you push the camera button. Something about being the youngest I guess ... I still haven't figured out what to do about it though especially since it kind of makes me laugh most of the time.

joy said...

yay for kaitlyn! give her a hug from the newmans!

darci said...

before i even read the last paragraph about her 'on her terms' thing going on, i just saw her picture and thought 'that girl looks like SO MUCH FUN!' you can tell she is full of PERSONALITY! what a cutie.


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