Sunday, August 10, 2008

Let the games begin

4 kids
The Olympics
Sleeping bags and pillows in front of the TV
Everyone together

Really, truly...does it get ANY better than that?! At some point Yosef asked, "Anna, do you love me?" to which Anna replied, "Yes." And Biniam said to Yosef, "I love you, too."

Being a mother to these four little ones is profound. I'm so grateful for moments (sometimes even series' of moments) of clarity when I know--really, really know--this to be true. Because then the morning comes and the craziness (and whining and testing and mess-making) ensues and I start questioning, what on EARTH am I doing? Can I really do this? Am I what these kids need?

But yeah, during those precious moments, there's nothing else, just joy and simplicity in knowing that there is love, and lots of it, in our crazy family of 6.

Oh and as far as the Olympics go, this time around we get to root for TWO countries, the USA of course and ETHIOPIA! Woohoo! The above picture is of a Coke can in the Olympic Games Collector's Series, and yes, you are seeing it correctly, that is the Coke logo written in Amharic! Yeah! After seeing these on Angela's blog and at Jennifer's house, I had to go to the store and buy my own 12-pack! This can is currently on display on the windowsill in my kitchen.


joy said...

cool coke cans. i kind of root for two countries as well. i am also always looking for any lost relatives. haven't found any yet, but i think a few years back, a s. korean U.S. Winter olympian found his family from the press he was getting. we are missing having cable access!


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