Friday, August 22, 2008

Friday thoughts

I have become a rather dull blogger. This post is the best I could come up with. Seriously.

They finished our carpet today. So our floors (minus the downstairs bathroom floor) are finished. I thought I'd feel relieved, but I think I more feel overwhelmed by all the other things that need to happen now!

My doctor called today to tell me that my blood test did indeed confirm mono. Congratulations to me!

The Democratic National Convention is almost here. I don't THINK it'll affect us in our particular neighborhood, but you never know I guess. (We're about 10 minutes south of the Pepsi Center and Invesco Field.) I really hope I run into some sort of celebrity though, like Oprah! I would love to meet Oprah!

I had a totally awkward conversation yesterday with a man who pastors a reformed church near our house. (As in, you can see the church from our house. It's really close.) They've had these neighborhood Saturday parties this summer and Kevin took the kids to one last month. (Read: free ice cream and a slip-n-slide.) Recently an elderly man came to the door with a flier for another one. WELL, yesterday the PASTOR shows up at my door and is completely awkward saying he met my family last month and wanted to make sure we got invited to the next party (which is this weekend I believe). I told him we did, and we'd see what's going on, if we could make it. (I left out the part about my mono--didn't want to scare him.) He just kept standing there, fumbling around for ways to make conversation. It was awful. I feel like we have big targets on our chests saying, "POTENTIAL CONVERTS! POTENTIAL CONVERTS!" and like he's really pushing to get us to events. For that reason, combined with the fact that I guess at the last party, a mentally impaired churchgoer dumped a bucket of water on my kids and husband while they were LEAVING, causing my kids to cry...we will most likely never attend their church. :)

I have read some things lately that come down pretty darn hard on the church. I wonder if this is really a fair, informed assessment, if perhaps we need look no further than the mirror for someone to blame for the world's problems?

I'm still not sure I've hit my stride here in Colorado. Not sure I hit it in California either for that matter. Maybe I'm just weird!

Kevin's been working so hard getting the house ready for the floors that we hung out last night for the first time in forever. It was heavenly. Really. I've missed him! (By hung out, I mean I lay comatose on one couch while he sat on the other keeping Kaitlyn happy while we watched Frasier. But we were together dangit!)

The last two days I've done a horrible job of drinking water. Shoot. That was the one order from the doctor. (And I don't think caffeine-free pepsi counts.)

I wonder how long my spleen could be swollen. I want to start getting stuff moved in...but I also want to avoid severe internal bleeding. Priorities, you know?

My oldest daughter will start Kindergarten in LESS THAN A YEAR. What?! Where, WHERE, did the time go? How can I possibly send her off for 2.5 hours every morning, 5 days a week? Have I taught her the life-lessons she needs to know??? Being a mom is hard. My last year with my firstborn fully at home. I want to cherish it.

I have so many little projects to work on. I spray-painted a mirror (what I thought was a nice soft apple-green) to hang above my couch, only to have the color turn out HIDEOUS. (NEON gave me flashbacks to fourth grade.) So now I need to spray-paint it black instead. Grrrrr.

That's all for now. This weekend I'll be resting and praying for an Oprah sighting. Have a great Friday!


Anonymous said...

LOL about the pastor visiting you! Keith and I went to a Baptist church once when we lived in the Bay Area. An elderly couple seriously showed up at my front door. I was on bed-rest and my toddler was running around in a diaper with the house in complete chaos. Yeah, we didn't go back. Truthfully, I a prefer the more anti-social e-mail or form letter.

Hope you feel better soon!

Christy said...

I think your blog post is fine! Not dreadfully boring like you claim. :) Wish I could come over and babysit for a bit or move heavy boxes for you!!!

darci said...

hope you're better soon-argh, that can't be fun. :( i wish i could see that 'apple green' mirror..those silly little paint chip cards are TOO SMALL to tell!

Mike and Rachel said...

I'm glad you and Kevin got some couch time. I've been feeling minus a husband too since I got back in town. We are both too stinking busy lately!!! When are you NOT contagious anymore? We miss you guys!

Kristen Borland said...

oh my friend with mono,

(i think that's what i'll call you now.)

well, i certainly hope you get an oprah sighting. you definitely deserve one. :) glad you had one night with your husband. i totally flip flop between wanting things to get done and just wanting Mike to not do anything so we can spend time together. that's probably why a lot of things don't get done!

so what exactly is a reformed church?

joy said...

i don't think you could ever qualify as a dull blogger! gee, why wouldn't you want to attend that church? i hope you see oprah, too!

Brianna Heldt said...

kristen, reformed theology emphasizes God's rule over all things and was heavily influenced by john calvin. they also believe in covenant theology. there are different denominations that would be considered "reformed." like PCA, RCA (what our church is), etc. the church near us (with the awkward pastor) is part of the CRC denomination, christian reformed church.


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