Thursday, August 14, 2008

Bad boys, bad boys

If you wake up in the middle of the night with a raging fever, you might just discover that COPS is on. And maybe you'll watch it, because the bloody guy that got beat with a baseball bat reminds you that you're still doing relatively well in the grand scheme of things.

(Kevin informed me today that I am the quintessential 45 year old man, what with my viewing choices. What can I say? It's slim-pickins when it comes to channels we pull in with our antennae. And it could definitely be worse--the other day my choices were basically some teenie-bopper show with Jennie Garth on the CW, or something in Spanish called Enfarto. 'Nuff said.)


Jeannett Gibson said...

First, tenny bopper novels about VAMPIRES...and now Cops. What has Denver done to you??? :)

By the way, I put in a hold request for the first of the vampire book series at the SM Library...I'm number 112.

Lindsey said...

Brianna you crack me up! And MAN CAN I RELATE!!! I only get 1 english channel, and it generally only airs immoral American sitcoms like "Nip Tuck", which we of course don't watch. So, while I exercise, I watch some sort of home decorating show filmed in Venezuela. I have no idea what they're saying, but nothing beats watching the host turn a really tacky house into a still-tacky-but-not-as-tacky house.

Jacquelyn said...

i don't know what your computer situation is but if you can stream internet you can watch a bunch of free episodes of current shows on hulu .. if you wanted to expand your options ... w

joy said...

oh, brianna, i'll pray for you. watching cops--you must be feeling pretty bad. hope you feel better soon!


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