Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Breakfast time

What do your kids eat for breakfast?

I try to change up what my little ones eat in the mornings. Generally they each have a banana, and I alternate between the following (though not equally, since some are much healthier than others):

cream of wheat
whole wheat toast + butter
french toast
whole wheat bagels + cream cheese
biscuits + butter and honey

Twice a week they have an egg with whatever else they're eating, and I do add ground flaxseed to pancakes, waffles, and biscuits. Toast probably finds itself on the menu most often for us, although for the first two weeks I had mono, it was cold cereal every day.

So what's for breakfast in your home? I'm always looking for ideas!


I am Katy, said...

Patrick is on a granola kick right now. He has a cup of milk, a small bowl of dry granola, and some kind of fruit everyday. He also usually has a few bites of whatever I am eating (bagel, muffin, waffle, english muffin, dry cereal) because he eats faster than me and then wants what I have.

Hauswife said...

Yoghurt with Grape Nuts sprinkled on top and bananas is a big hit at our house. Also, the kids love egg and cheese souffle or omelets. Our list looks surprising like yours.

Mike and Rachel said...

Aubrey is like her dad, if it isn't cold cereal, it isn't breakfast. She loves Special K with Red Berries, Rice Krispies, and Life. Ainsley wants what Aubrey is having, but I usually give her some fruit and a bowl of yogurt too. We generally have breakfast for dinner a few times a month and that's when we pull out the pancakes and eggs. Yum!!!

The meal I hate is lunch. I don't have sandwich kids so it gets annoying trying to recreate the wheel all the time. I still give them sandwiches occasionally, but they are not a fav.

shell said...

We are a cereal or frozen waffle house. Nothing special. I am not a morning person and sleep until the last minute. I need to try some of the ideas on your list! I agree w/Rachel, lunch can be hard too!!! I love dinner....maybe I should just make dinner for every meal! said...

Hmmm....lots of similarities between our homes! Some additions to the list would be:

Omelet in a Bag
Breakfast Wraps
Breakfast Quesadillas
Breakfast Sandwiches
Breakfast Turnovers (Costco's the best!)
Black Currant Scones
Eggs & Soldiers
Fruit Kebabs w/Yogurt and Granola

Jacquelyn said...

Same as you Briana except we eat a lot of cold cereal and I hate whole wheat french toast so I just don't make it anymore (we never buy white bread) and we never put butter on anything - it's always peanut butter (their choice, not mine). Phillip gets mad at me when he sees me sneaking a bit of canned pumpkin into the whole wheat pancake batter but if you also add pumpkin pie spice it is very tasty! My boys can put away 3 bowls of cereal some mornings so I try to make sure that it is always "healthy" cereal with maybe one box of honey nut cheerios mixed into 2 boxes of regular cheerios. I'm not really a breakfast person. If I could get away with eating a plain biscotti with my coffee and maybe a small piece of fruit i would be fine until lunch.

Anonymous said...

We eat a lot of whole wheat toast in our house as well. Lately we've been spreading it with hummus, instead of butter, and it's really tasty and better for you. (I know hummus might be a bit strange for breakfast, but we don't get any complaints!)

We also like whole grain tortillas spread with a thin layer of peanut butter & sliced bananas, and then heated in the toaster over so it gets warm and a bit crispy. Yum!

We make homemade pizza once a week or so, and the leftovers make a delicious breakfast. We use a whole grain dough and add fresh veggies and pineapple. Pretty nutritious and a great start to the morning!


Lara said...

I'm a zombie in the morning so on Darin's working days we eat cold cereal (the current favorite is Trader Joe's version of frosted mini-wheats), or oatmeal. I make Caedra's oatmeal with raisens and applesauce. When Darin is home to make breakfast he makes homemade waffles (He throws in some frozen raspberries to the mix and it's delish!), or french toast (Caedra likes hers with peanut butter), or fried eggs with toast.
Lately I've been eating a kiwi along with my breakfast. Yummy!

Jeannett Gibson said...

Dang, can I come to your place for breakfast! Breakfast is actually hard for me because most b. foods have dairy in no cream of wheat, no oatmeal, no pancakes or waffles...or cream cheese, or cheese in general...or cold cereal! So, Henry gets scrambled eggs, bananas, whole wheat bagels, or a peanut butter sandwich! Breakfast was always my hardest meal when I was on the dairy elimination thing...ugh.

Jenna said...

Personally on weekdays I always eat cereal, either Cheerios, shredded wheat, oatmeal, cream of wheat, museli, etc. Laina usually gets part of a banana or other fruit, plain yogurt, some of my cereal, egg, waffle or pancake (that I had probably previously made on a weekend for us and then froze the leftovers.) Not all those things at once, but usually a combination of a few. When she gets older though I'm sure she will just eat cereal like me. I'm not one for big productions of breakfast on weekdays, I guess it was just the way I was raised.

Angela said...

I am ALL about protein in the mornings, so we try to get some of that in... Here are a few of our fav's:

Oatmeal with real maple syrup (the real oatmeal, made on the stove) usually served after a cheese stick or hard boiled egg for extra protein! ;)

Scrambled eggs are a staple around here! I love to throw in some spinach and feta, and black olives
or whatever meat we have leftover from the night before (taco meat, cut up pork chop, chicken, etc) and put it in a tortilla with some salsa and cheese for a breakfast wrap. Yum...

Marrty is quick to throw cereal on the table for himself and the kids, so if i'm not back from my morning walk/run/swim in time, that is what they end up eating. I usually make them have an egg or cheese stick or pb with bagel to go with it though. They get grumpy on cereal alone! (me too... i think we all have blood sugar issues!) :)

Angela said...

Oh! Another fav is pancakes... I put cottage cheese in the batter for extra 'umph'. It melts in, so you would never know it is there, but it helps fill them up faster, and keep them from getting hungry an hour later! :) Sneaky, eh?

Brianna Heldt said...

angela heehee, there is nothing better than sneaking stuff into your kids' food!

i wish we lived close to you, then you could get me into walking in the mornings--i hate exercise, but i love getting together! :)

oh and i never know how often my kids should have eggs...a pediatrician told me once that it's the same as for us, just 2 eggs per week or something? what do you think? b/c they really are great for protein!


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