Monday, August 25, 2008

Being an at-home mom is great

I pretty much devoted my entire morning to the all-important task of browsing Etsy. So fun!

And I'm wanting to know, what are your favorite Etsy shops???

(I'm mostly on the lookout for fun odds and ends to decorate with, stuff for the walls, etc.)

4 comments: said...

Here's a few of my favorites! Enjoy!

Stacy said...

My favorite is
It's by a woman who's living in Guatemala while her daughter's adoption is finalized. Interesting story, too.

Ginger said...

Headband and hairbow/flower clip sites for ideas because I'm starting to make them and planning to sell them to help supplement our next adoption.

Jenna said...

Of course my own shop is my favorite: (cloth diapers, wipes, and leggings, soon to add dresses)

My dear friend, Rhonda, has super cute primitive decorative stuff:


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