Friday, January 21, 2011

7 Quick Takes Friday {#18}

1.)  I'm not a big caffeine drinker.  I'll have it in soda from time to time, and I do like iced tea, but when it comes to coffee, I'm generally a decaf-kind-of-person.  (Otherwise I get very nervous, anxious and actually shaky.)  ANYway, I do love my morning (decaf) coffee.  Love, love, love.  However, I don't always get the chance to finish it while it's still hot (in between the whole homeschooling and raising five kids thing), so sometimes I have to re-heat it in the microwave.  Which I went to do this morning.  And somehow I dropped the cup...spilling coffee all over the floor.  I nearly CRIED.  Gone was my delightful morning cup of coffee, and now in its place was a huge mess to clean up.  I hate when I do stuff like that!

2.)  This morning at Mass (which happened to be the feast day for St. Agnes--I love the feast days and learning about these amazing men and women of God), Mary Lu found an old animal cracker on the floor.  I of course took it away from her, which resulted in much screaming and crying.  Oops.  I always feel so bad when my kids make noise during Mass, but I comfort myself with the thought that these people are supposed to be open to life, so hopefully they'll forgive my alternating-between-babbling-and-screaming marital bond of love.  :)  (I did take her out when she got loud, FYI.  So I'm not a total jerk.) 

3.)  I think I'm either getting kidney stones, or another UTI, again.  I'm going to see the doctor this afternoon.  No I don't think this is TMI, and yes I apparently feel the need to divulge my urological problems on my blog.  I remember as a kid, some boy at my church had some sort of "gland infection" (?) or something...and people kept referring to it in this vague way, and I remember thinking that was funny.  What if we were all just really open about all of our embarrassing medical problems?  "Hi, how are you?"  "Oh, I'm okay, except for the fact that I have ringworm and an in-grown toenail."  See, wouldn't that be funny?

4.)  I can't find my keys.  Anywhere.  Totally baffling, and completely maddening.  Where ARE they?  I've looked everywhere...except for where they are, of course.  St. Anthony, HELP!

5.)  Kevin and I have been playing an INSANE amount of Parcheesi lately.  We play and play and play.  And it's really fun, because if I'm wearing my cozy fleecy robe, I inevitably bump the little pieces on the board with my big sleeve and mess them up...and Kevin gets SO MAD.  As far as the game goes, I win most of the time, but last night I seriously got my you-know-what kicked.  But there's always tonight!

6.)  We have two different things to go to tomorrow, SO fun!  Brunch with friends in the morning and a housewarming for a friend in the evening.  It's so nice to have some fun weekend plans to look forward to.

7.)  I had a dream last night that we found out our court date to adopt our girls wasn't until September.  Ugh!  SO far away.  AND in the dream I was pregnant.  Let's hope it's not going to take that long to get a court date, and let's also hope that any future biological Heldt child waits a bit before coming into existence.  (Famous last words by people who believe the marital act should always include the ability to work with God to bring forth life, but whatever, I'm just stating my general preference.  :)  )


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