Friday, January 14, 2011

LOST: it is finished!

WARNING: If you have not watched a little show called LOST, and are planning to, stop reading.  Because there are spoilers up ahead.  And I really think you SHOULD watch it, by the way.  It's awesome.

And, I know LOST is totally old news.  SO last year.  :)  But whatever.  It's still worth talking about!

Anyway.  You have heard me vaguely refer to a TV series that we've been getting from the library, that we are totally hooked on.

Well, last night we finished the series.  It was LOST.

I hadn't wanted to say the name of it because I wanted to avoid any and all spoilers.  For the most part I did, though I did unfortunately and accidentally hear ahead of time that Jack and John Locke died.  Oops!

Anyway, how great was this show??!!  I LOVED it!  Each and every season.  I loved (most of) the characters, the plot, all of the suspense and mysteries.

Some random LOST thoughts:

--Could have done entirely without Boone and Shannon and their messed up weirdo siblings-but-attracted-to-each-other relationship.  Also could have done without them returning in the final episode.  Blech. 

--Jack infuriated me throughout the various seasons of the show...but he won me over by the end.  I loved that he sacrificed his life for Desmond, and that he got to raise a son and fix John's legs in the made-up post-death world.

--I was glad that Kate and Jack never actually got together for any length of time.  She was annoying with all her waffling back and forth between him and Sawyer.  Make up your mind, woman!

--Sawyer was hilarious.  Loved him. 

--I feel so sorry for the unnamed man in black, Jacob's brother.  He never ASKED to become a nasty monster.

--Jacob scared me.  So creepy!  And their "adoptive" mother?  Eek!

--I LOVED Jin and Sun and their love story.  So, so sweet.

--Still a bunch of questions unanswered...this is a random one but why was Michael's soul trapped on the island for what he did (shooting people), but Ana Lucia somehow wasn't (she shot Shannon.)  I was bummed when Walt disappeared from the show, but I did love that his dog Vincent made it to the finale.  AND WHAT WAS WIDMORE'S DEAL?  What was he trying to do there with his submarine and all his peeps?  How was Desmond supposed to help him?  What was with all the rules, like the smoke monster/fake Locke couldn't kill the candidates? 
As for the finale, I'd known going in that a lot of people were disappointed with how it turned out.  As for me, I had mixed feelings.  Part of me loved it, the other part of me wanted more redemption to have happened in the real world, not in the after-life fake-y world.  BUT, the OTHER part of me felt like redemptive things DID happen on the island, and I love that the finale sort of put forth the idea that the island was incredibly meaningful and not just a blip in the lives of the characters.  They all wanted off the island, but in the end, their time there was incredibly important and significant.  One of my biggest disappointments with the finale I suppose was that Jack never got to enjoy a good marriage/family life.  That made me sad for some reason.

I have a feeling I'll be reading LOST articles like crazy in the days to come.  And, I want to re-watch the series from start to finish again at some point.  I can't stop thinking about it!  We don't watch much TV, but I confess that I fell in love with this show from the very first episode.

On a complete and utter side-note, if you ever watched "Days of Our Lives" several years ago (yes, I did, and I'm admitting it here), you might remember the "other Salem", the island where a bunch of the characters ended up in this weird alternate reality.  Heeheehee.  It was super corny and cheesy, as anything on "Days of Our Lives" is, but LOST reminded me of that, and it made me laugh.  Because I'm SURE the writers of LOST totally got their ideas from Days.  Bwahahahaha!  I like sarcasm, in case you couldn't tell.  :) 

But friends, there's nothing sarcastic about this: I positively adored LOST, and it is by far one of the best shows I have ever watched.  Most entertainment these days is hardly worth the effort, but this was excellent.  I heart LOST!!!


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