Monday, January 03, 2011


As of 2 am this morning, we are home.  Back in Denver after a week and a half in California.  (Our late arrival is the result of the fact that we drive straight through on these trips.  Yes, that would be 19 hours or so of drive-time, not counting stops.  I'll have to share about roadtripping with kids sometime.  They have a blast, us not quite as much, but it's not as bad as it sounds.)  The trip was wonderful, not nearly long enough, and I missed out on seeing some people because I wound up sick at one point (thankfully only a 24-hour type of thing.)

We came home to a bit of snow on the ground that the kids are anxious to play in!

We also came home to a Christmas tree and a bunch of decorations that need to be taken down and put away.

Sigh.  :)

I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed about jumping back into our much to do around here, and so much email to catch up on (we were basically off the grid for the entire trip, so to speak, because my parents live in a rural area with a pretty slow dial-up internet connection).

So I'm starting by rearranging my living room.

Because I have my priorities.

Happy New Year friends!

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