Monday, January 31, 2011

Gifts and frustration (or, another Ethiopian adoption update)

I really hate for my blog to be a downer.


But I need to share our most recent adoption update with you all, and it's not the happiest of news.

And really, who wants a blog filled with unicorns and rainbows where nothing ever goes wrong?

Life just doesn't work that way.  (Well, mine doesn't at least!)

So in case you needed further proof of that, last Friday an email came in from our adoption agency.

"This must be our court date!" I though excitedly. 

Even though something in me was guarded.  Because I know.  I know that nothing is ever simple when it comes to these children who so desperately need homes.  I know that things in Ethiopia are heating up right now, that the US Embassy is launching investigations and taking agencies and families to task in the name of promoting ethical adoptions.  As an adoptive parent and someone who wants to be a good citizen, I understand the reasoning behind all of this.  I truly, truly do.  If you know me then you know ethical adoption is something I'm passionate about. 

Guarded as I was, my heart literally fell when I opened the email to find that our case has been pulled from court...because of a document the embassy is requiring now...that they WEREN'T requiring years (or weeks) ago, when our little one came into care.  It doesn't matter that we were about to get our court date, or that these girls have been waiting seemingly forever for a family.  Our case is stuck until the original orphanage where they lived (not affiliated with our agency) can produce this particular document.


The hardest part I think is just the big, huge unknown.  In my head I know that this paperwork should come through and that it will most likely be resolved.  But, there are no guarantees.  And of course it's out of our hands.

So we're back to waiting, and praying that these girls can come home sooner rather than later. 

Of course, amidst the sadness of this setback, we receieved three beautiful gifts, right when God knew we needed them.

First, a sweet friend emailed me some video she took of M., 4 years old, blowing kisses and waving to us.  SO precious.  We get to hear her sweet voice on the video, and see her sweet smile.  We've watched it countless times already.

AND, someone I haven't met (who happens to be a pediatric physical therapist!), emailed me all about M., because she met her a few months ago.  SUCH positive, wonderful things to hear.  M. is doing well, is being given every opportunity at our agency's transition home, is mainstreamed with the other children and is kicking the soccer ball, walking, everything.  Priceless.

And finally, I receievd an update from our agency saying that T., 20ish months, is crawling now!  (AND sitting on the potty--if this is true, she will be our earliest potty trained kid.)  Woohoo!  Go T.!

It's funny, but I really am not sad about missing these milestones. 

And why is that, you ask? 

See these girls are developing, growing, and living in spite of their difficult circumstances.  They have been living in an orphanage.  With Down syndrome.  So to be honest, I am REJOICING that they are receiving good and loving care, and that they are learning to do all sorts of things in this environment.  It's just my mama's pride.  I'm not there to see it all happening, and oh how I wish I was, but bottom line, I'm just so dang proud of our girls!!!!!

So that's the latest update.  Sad, INCREDIBLY frustrating news in terms of the adoption, but wonderful news about the girls.  They are growing, learning, thriving, and we can still love them from here.  Someday we'll bring them home, and this will all be a distant memory.  In the meantime, we'll be here waiting, and dreaming, and clicking "replay" on Youtube. 


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