Wednesday, January 05, 2011

A fun new find

While we were staying with my parents, my mom and I snuck away a couple of times to go shopping.  (Which always results in us browsing the stores laughing hysterically at one thing or another.)  One day we wound up at Bath and Body Works, where I bought some of these Wallflowers plug-ins.

They make my home smell SOOOOOOOOOO good!  I'm loving them!  Our house is old and as a result it can potentially smell, well, old.  I'm really a fanatic about it so I try to regularly burn a candle etc.  (Thus my house doesn't smell bad.)  But these are even better!

I am NOT getting paid or otherwise compensated for this here little endorsement (I wish!), just sharing the love and saying that these things ROCK. 

They come in all different scents and are currently on sale (!) right now for $5 (either the starter set or the refill pack).  Right now I have "Twisted Peppermint" in my bathrooms, and "Spiced Pumpkin" in my kitchen.  I can't wait to try some of the others!

What is your favorite product for making your home smell yummy and clean?


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