Monday, February 12, 2007

3 years old

Saturday was Anna's third birthday! We had a party for her at our house with some friends and family, and I had let Anna decide what the theme and food (hotdogs, cake and ice cream--how healthy) would be. "Do you want Dora on your cake?" "No, I don't want that." "Well do you want Disney princesses on your cake?" "No, I don't want that." "Well Anna, what DO you want on your cake? What should the theme be?" "Zoe!" she exclaimed. "Oh, like Zoe, Elmo's cousin from Sesame Street?" "No, Zoe, Grandma's orange fish!"

Um, okay. My mom has a fish named Zoe that Anna really likes. It's not a goldfish, but it's orange. I was pretty surprised to hear that my little girl wanted the theme of her party to revolve around her grandmother's pet, but who was I to override her decision?

SO, I made some random invitations with orange fish on them, found some orange fishes and assorted sea animals to decorate with (each kid got to choose one to take home as they were little bathtoys), and Jeannett generously offered to make and decorate Anna's birthday cake, complete with an orange fish on it. (The cake was AWESOME; I seriously think Jeannett should go into business doing them. Thanks so much!!!)
The party was fun although Anna was ready for her nap before anyone got here! Oops! Last year we did a party in the evening for Anna (and in November we had a party for the boys at night) but this time I thought I'd do one in the early afternoon. I think I should probably have gone for a night-time party again but oh well. (I also accidentally blew Anna's birthday candle out, which we had to re-light--I think maybe I should stop coming to these parties altogether!)

I always feel so blessed by our friends that come to these events to help us celebrate our kids. I know Anna felt special and had a blast too, even if she did seem half asleep! Here are some more pics of the party:

This is what grown men do to stay entertained at a 3 year old's birthday party:

And finally, after a busy day at a party, Biniam is sound asleep in his high chair after dinner.


Mike and Rachel said...

I think an orange fish is a great theme for a party. And the cake does look great! I run into the same problem with timing on parties. Before naps seems too early. I think we will do Aubrey's at 4pm like last year. That way you get to have dinner and dessert and then off to bed! Any contractions yet?


darci said...

I love three! It is such a fun, fun age. enjoy! :)

Nohe 5 said...

Happy Birthday big girl. That last picture of Biniam is adorable.


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