Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Rejected (and 3 reasons why people should be like Jeannett and have a home birth)

So Kevin and I headed to the hospital last night (well early this morning) where the first nurse checked me and said I was dilated 3 cm and 75% effaced. She brought in another nurse to "confirm the findings" but the other nurse (who seemed to have more authority) said I was dilated 1.5 cm and 50% effaced. SO they booted me out of course and sent me home until the contractions become regular again and stay that way or something.

Of course I WAS in the hospital long enough for the following three incidents to occur:

1). All of a sudden (they had me in the labor/delivery unit) there was a woman (presumably giving birth) SCREAMING like an animal--seriously, this was not human. Really made me think twice about this whole giving birth thing!

2). As we were leaving and walked out into the hallway, we were hit with the strong scent of fresh vomit. Yummy!

3). As we were exiting the hospital building (you go through and out the ER), we happened upon a very bloody rag/paper towel on the ground outside. Fantastic.

Well that is my update. I have my scheduled doc's appointment in about twenty minutes so hopefully he'll check me again and we'll see where we're at. I'm having strong contractions this morning with the same lower back/abdomen pain. I hope this baby comes soon! (Kevin is working from home today. Well actually right now he's still sleeping from being up all night, poor guy!)


dillyweed said...

Hang in there. It will come. It WILL. And at least you have everything you need in place: loving family to watch Anna and a loving husband who can be with you through this, hold your hand and reassure you.
But I agree, the waiting part of all this (never mind the nasty images from the ER and labor unit) is hard. But at the end, you get to hold your precious most treasured gift from the Lord.
Big hugs.

shell said...

try crying if the say you have to go home. worked for me, they let me stay and anna was here 6 hours later. i tell ya, that crying works for tickets, babies, husbands......

Jeannett Gibson said...

You're too funny. I must admit that none of that sounds too appealing...although you'll have the benefit of an epidural, whereas, even if I scream for it at the last minute, it's not even an option. :)

At our birthing class just last night, one of the criticisms of hospital deliveries is that of laboring near other women who are also giving birth. That all of the pacing in the halls, screaming, grunting and pushing you hear is really distracting and not good for your labor process. Just interesting that you made the comment after I just heard it last night.

Anyway, have fun, hang in there, and know that when you get to the point where you are saying "I can't do it anymore" is when you're within a couple hours of being done. Can't wait!

Lara Laity said...

Nothing yet? ...Do we assume that there is no new interesting news or that you never came home from your doctor's apt. and you are in the middle of delivering a baby right now? I'll keep checking for news! =)
In suspense,

P.S. They sent me home too at 1.5cm (and 1:30am), but my water broke after being home for about 15min. So back to the hospital we went. *sigh* =)

lisa said...

hospitals are their own little worlds. don't look around, don't make eye contact, just look straight ahead :) can't wait to hear how things go and to see some pics of this precious little one. sounds imminent! praying for you guys!!

Erin said...

Good luck Brianna!!!! My labors always started like that... on and off and on and off and uncomfortable enough that I couldn't do much else but not "enough" to get me admitted. I hope that baby girl makes her appearance soon! :)

Good luck and thanks for keeping us posted. You're in our prayers,
Erin and Belane (and the rest of the crew)

Kevin Heldt said...

Lara, no, no baby deliveries. Brianna is taking a much needed nap right now, her dad went home and her mom, who is going to stay with us for a few days, and the kids are napping too. They all let me sleep in this morning and now I'm going to get a few hours of work in. I'm sure Brianna will want to give the details but the quick summary is that last night doesn't necessarily mean anything. With subsequent children, just the baby being in position can cause a few cm of dilation. So it could be soon or it could be weeks yet. Brianna and I are both realizing how nice the definitiveness (I hope that's a word) of her water breaking the first time was!

Samantha said...

I'll give you a reason #4 for homebirths....Because trying to get to the hospital when the baby is already halfway out is NOT easy. Been there done that and am staying HOME this time. I'm praying for you Brianna. Stay home as long as possible, but not TOO long!

jeromy said...

Man, you have got to love the hospital! If you're not sick when you arrive you will be when you depart. Hang in there. You are at the finish line and a beautiful baby will make it all worth it. Thanks for the blog. You guys do a great job and it is interesting and informative.

Mike and Rachel said...

My water broke with Aubrey too. However it was an 18 hour journey to seeing her face to face. I rememeber after being in labor for 6 hours the nurse came in and told me I was at 1 cm. I had been at 2 cm for 2 weeks according to my OB. Apparently the nurse trumps the doctor on those measurement things!


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