Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Stay tuned...

Well it is 1:24 a.m., my lower back/abdomen are in pain and I've been having what seem like regular contractions for a little over an hour now, about 5 minutes apart. My mom and dad are on their way and we're dashing around doing things like running the dishwasher, I'm packing my bag, and worrying that this could be a false alarm and my poor parents will have traveled an hour to our house in the middle of the night for nothing!

This is all totally foreign to me; with Anna my water broke and she came out six hours later, pretty straight-forward and easy (okay the labor wasn't particularly easy but you know what I mean.) Now I'm having to mess with timing contractions and such.

Will keep you posted!


Mike and Rachel said...

Glad you found the time to post. :) That's dedication.


Jeannett Gibson said...

I, too, am impressed that you posted at 1 a.m. while in labor! I can't believe you didn't have your bag packed! Silly girl! Good luck, can't wait to meet your newest peanut! Call us when you're ready for visitors!


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