Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Pleasant surprise

Earlier this morning I was actually reading a book on the couch and the kids were all playing happily in Anna's room. However, they'd been in there for awhile and being the suspicious mommy that I am I decided that at least one of them must be up to no good. I put my book down and went into the room to check on them, only to discover Biniam sitting pants-less and diaper-less on Anna's potty chair (we keep it in there for her for naps and at nighttime), in which he had gone pee-pee!!! All by himself!

What in the world?! This boy has apparently potty trained himself, or is well on his way! He was just sitting there non-chalantly, but got a huge grin on his face when I made a big deal about it. Then we called Daddy at work to tell him. This is HUGE, as Biniam was pretty delayed in meeting some of his milestones (primarily walking), and so it's extra sweet to see him catching up (or in this case, pulling ahead!) Anyway this totally made my day; I am SO PROUD of my little 2 years and 3 months old boy!


lisa said...

Wow Binny!! Now come on over and show Maty the ropes!

Jeannett Gibson said...

Yay Bin! That's awesome!

Samantha said...

It soooo helps to have an older sibling to learn from!! He was doing what he sees everyone else doing. That is great! Rachel wants to use the toilet ALL THE TIME but I keep trying to get her to wait until the spring when she is closer to 2 and it is a little warmer out to try the no pants thing while she learns. No diapers is SO exciting!

Mike and Rachel said...

What a big boy! And sitting too, he is definitely a Heldt :)



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