Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Doctor time

Yesterday afternoon I took Anna and Kaitlyn to the doctor, our first time going here. A friend from church had recommended this particular office, which is a group of doctors who practice both traditional and homeopathic medicine. I was so hopeful when we moved here that we could get into a great practice...our situation in Santa Maria was not the best, and we literally only had one option that was covered by our insurance. The doctor himself was good, but the office was HORRIBLE and it definitely affected the kids' care, IMO.

So how was the appointment? Well, we got there in the afternoon...and didn't leave until darktime. The doctor was with us for SO LONG! I couldn't believe it, it was GREAT! I've NEVER had a more thorough or relaxed appointment for my kids, ever. He spent time just chatting with the girls, investigated every little concern I had (even though some of them had nothing to do with the reason for the visit, such as Kaitlyn's pigeon-toed-ness), it was fantastic. He didn't just dole out prescriptions without really looking into the issues. That is huge for me.

All of that to say, my daughters and I--yes, all three of us-- have sinus infections. Lovely! Anna's on antibiotics for hers, Kaitlyn is not, and they're both taking some extra Vitamin C and Zinc. I'm calling my own doctor today. Because I'm tired of feeling like I have a migraine on my face, not tasting my food, and feeling downright awful. If I cannot taste stuffing tomorrow, I will cry. I will literally cry.

Anyway, so glad to have such a great doctor's visit. AND that my girls are on the mend! Oh and the above picture shows how the girls passed the time waiting for the doctor to come in. They look pretty happy considering they were both running fevers at the time!


Mike and Rachel said...

Dude, you just raised the bar really high for stuffing. Now I am stressed out! What if it is too dry? What if it doesn't taste like your mom's? I will be surprised if I sleep at all tonight!!!

Brianna Heldt said...

HA!!!!! No worries, most likely I won't even be able to taste it. Heehee. Really, I don't think you CAN ruin stuffing! I love it so much, seriously, whether it's homemade or stovetop or some alternative type. You just can't go wrong with stuffing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I just hope all of us make it tomorrow! I'm starting to wonder if it might just be the men of our family attending. :( (But if they do, they WILL be attending with mashed potatoes and apple pie in hand!)

Lara said...

Okay, now I'm REALLY jealous! A doctor that actually spends time listening and getting to know your kids?!
I may have to think harder about a move to Denver...the Heldts are there, good doctors are there... =)

Mike and Rachel said...

that makes me so sad! Did you ask the doctor about contagiousness ( do you like my made up word)? If the men are the only ones in attendance we will send Kevin home with a feast. This would be your second Thanksgiving in a row that you missed because of being sick! I mean, tons of people in CA lost their homes to fires a few weeks ago, but this has got to be a close second!

Angela said...

Feel better!! We are sick around here, too... Mae has been running a fever for DAYS and yesterday afternoon Ry started running one, too... Ugh.
Happy Thanksgiving!!

Kevin Heldt said...
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Brianna Heldt said...

Lara, YES!, come to Denver!!!!!!!! :)

Rachel, not sure about contagiousness. (Anna won't be, b/c she will have been on antibiotics for 48 hours.) It's the cold that is contagious, and I think if you're still coughing you're probably still contagious. That feast sounds so good! And YES, I know, last year it was the stomach flu, this year a sinus infection. Grrrrrrrrrrr.

Angela I'm SORRY your kids are sick!!! Happy Thanksgiving!

Mike and Rachel said...

We do have potentially four coughing people, but the frequency has slowed way down. Aubrey did pull, yes pull a booger out of her nose yesterday that spanned her whole hand. I was disgusted but couldn't stop laughing. That's what she gets for picking her nose.

Wake up well and come enjoy some turkey. Jenna is making some sort of chocolate yogurt cake that sounds delicious and I baked my pumpkin pie this afternoon. Oh wait, those are desserts, and I am THANKFUL for them!


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