Monday, November 17, 2008


I had so much fun reading all of your guesses! I'm so excited to report however that we now have our answer, left as a comment on this post, from a very reliable source :) :

It's a clay figure, made by an elementary-age student, of a flightless bird made famous by a book whose title begins with the words, "Mr. Popper's ______s."The child who made the figure is now an adult, a mommy, and the person who shot the photo! :-)

John at Sonlight

Thank you John for clearing this up!!! Now I can get back to my daily life and return to a sense of normalcy. :)


Luke said...

Oh good, the mystery has been solved. And, yes, the source is very reliable [laughing].


Mike and Rachel said...

I can totally tell it is a penguin now that I know. That's a great story. And fun to hear that you are getting credible readers on your blog.

Hauswife said...

I'm SO glad you got an answer! I was checking in to find out if the riddle of the freaky hand thingie was solved!

Anonymous said...

I have the catalog and that thing really freaked me out!!! And a shameless plug for Sonlight: I've been using the Kindergarten curriculum w/ Horizon's math this year with my just turned five year old. We LOVEEEEEEE it!!! It's our first year homeschooling and it's been a blast. Teaching is the easy part, keeping my three year old and one year old out of trouble is a whole other ballgame!

Sarah in Ohio

Tamara said...

Okay, how did the co-founder of Sonlight find your blog??? (That is who John is)

Other than that, I am excited that you are looking that closely at their curriculum. Even if you just use it for reading at night, all those lovely books are great to have on your bookshelves.

Brianna Heldt said...

Tamara I have no clue! I think sometimes websites have trackers that show other sites linking to or mentioning them? Interestingly they're right nearby (Sonlight is out of Littleton I believe.) And yeah, while I don't know that I'll use their program, it is a great guide for good literature!!!

Mike and Rachel said...

There are mystery blog trackers out there. A friend of mine did a post on how much she liked Luna Bars and she ended up with a free case from the company and a spot on their blog. I should do a post on how much I like winter boots. I could use a good pair!

Emily B. said...

(here's a direct quote from my brain) :)

"aaahh... a penguin... I can see it now... with the little beak and eye... huh.. interesting"


Angela said...

i heart sonlight.

but, you already know that.



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