Friday, November 07, 2008

You go girl

I mentioned in my previous post that Monday night, we attended a Sarah Palin rally down in Colorado Springs. SO FUN. Something you should know about me: I am fascinated by politics. When I was 14 my mom and I went to see Bob Dole give a speech. Before getting married I worked for three years for a California legislator. (LOVED it.) In September of 2000, I went to a George W. Bush rally and shook his hand. I took a ton of Political Science classes in college. (It's okay, you can say it: I'm a nerd.) I REALLY wish I had been able to attend some of the Denver rallies (Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, John McCain, and Michelle Obama have all been in our area recently. But, my kids have also been sick recently. And there was the mono. Bummer!)

So, Sarah Palin. We drove to some airport, to be directed to a parking space by an old guy dressed in red, white and blue. And his fly was down. Oh yeah. All.the.way. Soooooooo hilarious. I would've taken a picture, but Kevin said it would be too obvious. Darn.

By the time we made it through security Sarah's plane had just landed. It was awesome! A few minutes later she and Todd emerged from the plane door waving. (This picture is of me and Kaitlyn with her plane in the background.)

Mrs. Palin was very articulate. I got to hear her say "Joe Biden" live, with that accent she has. Which about made my day, because ever since that Tina Fey skit (of the debate), we have pronounced his name that way, it's just so funny.

Mostly I loved, loved, loved her talking about wanting to have a culture of life in Washington. About how individuals with special needs have been pushed aside, and about how every innocent life should count. She referred to children as blessings, and yeah, it was great.

It's no secret, I love what Sarah stands for. Not everyone does, and that's fine. But she is who she is, and she has more kids than me. So yeah. She was great.
Oh, and these guys were hanging out on top of the buildings. You know, just in case.


darci said...

what a great experience that must have been. I am praying our country holds on and that she is in the running next time around. :) The best moment (in my limited online viewing) was seeing her up on stage with her beautiful baby, her baby that 80% of Americans would say should have been aborted-that was when I first thought "you go girl!"
and ok, you should have chanced it and taken a picture, that is hilarious!! was he wearing r, w and b boxers, lol?

joy said...

how cool! i forgot you worked in politics. you would be good in politics because you are so articulate and so smart. but, i love that you stay home and raise your wonderful family. did you see that piper thing that mentioned he thought she should have stayed home? i'll open a can of worms here, but what are your thoughts on women staying home?

Kristen Borland said...

okay, that is pretty cool. i would have LOVED going to that!

however, i don't actually believe you were at a palin rally because ALL the pictures of her, her plane, and her security were blurry. just like pictures of ufo's and big foot. highly suspect, brianna.


Carolina Mama said...

Our boys met Bob Dole and got pictures at the Sarah Palin Rally here. :) There were so many people.


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