Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Random haps

My mom and dad (in California) send the kids packages of goodies from time to time. Here are the kids with the latest bounty: Anna got princess undies, and the boys and Kaitlyn got shirts. Anna SQUEALED with delight over her gift, and Yosef apparently loved his shirt so much that the next time we went somewhere, he brought it along for the car ride!

Nothing is new around here. We're STILL fighting these colds. Think lots of coughing, fevers, nose-blowing, and TV.

I'm reading a GREAT book right now, How Should We Then Live: The Rise and Decline of Western Thought and Culture by Francis Schaeffer. It's great! I'm learning about history and art and it's also making me think more about what I want to teach my kids. (Like, history and art. Other things too though.)

About a week and a half ago, Mike (Kevin's brother) and Rachel came over with their cute girls Aubrey and Ainsley. They brought wonderful birthday gifts for Yosef and Biniam--who are obviously loving them! Sadly, this was the first time Rachel has seen our house! I am hopelessly neurotic when it comes to showing people my house when it's so unfinished and not particularly clean, because why would you clean when people are coming in to do flooring etc. etc. I AM SO VAIN! Really, who cares? We are so blessed to have a roof over our head and food to eat. We are also so happy to have bought this house, in this neighborhood, in this city. A home can become such a status symbol and I think this is maybe worth a blogpost all its own. Hmmm. :)

Okay, I think that's it. Now back to The View!


Lara said...

Of what I can see of your house in the pictures, it looks beautiful!! I love the floors and wall color! Hopefully we can come see it at some point.
Big Hugs to your sick babies. =(

Mike and Rachel said...

Aubrey has those undies too. I am sure you are shocked that she would pick the princess ones. And your house was clean, well except for that little peace of carpet under the piano, but that's the old owners dirt, not yours! I think my goal for 2009 will be to keep a cleaner kitchen. My counters are currently covered with last nights groceries that are still not put away and a million other things.

Thanks for having us over, it was great to see where you are living. Your house is also like Mary Poppins bag. it looks small from the outside but there are tons of surprises within. Like tons of bedrooms and storage areas. It's pretty cool.

Brianna Heldt said...

Thanks for the sweet words!

Ha, Rachel, true, I was not responsible for what was under the piano before Kevin and Mike moved it. Yuck!!! Ah, clean kitchen counters...Ours are sort of a blessing and a curse--they hide dirt really well, but then it's annoying b/c I'm LESS motivated to clean them, AND the mess is hard to see!

joy said...

the kids are getting so big! what cute pics of them. that sounds like a great book. i may have to read that one. yeah, cleaning a house? do people really do that? my floors were so bad, i spot cleaned for 20 minutes and you couldn't tell i had touched them. your house(from what i can see) looks really pretty.

MomAtHome said...

just wanted to say thatI love your blog, admire your heart and passion to help those in need. kudos to you.

Dawn said...

Have you read "For the Childrens Sake" by Susan Schaeffer McCaulay? She is Francis Scaeffer's daughter, I love it.

Cute house!

Anonymous said...

Dawn...Susan Schaeffer McCaulay's "For the Family's Sake" is amazing, too.

Edith Schaeffer's "Hidden Art of Homemaking" and her husband's "Death in the City" and "Pollution and the Death of Man" are amazingingly relevant and timely considering when they were written!



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