Monday, November 24, 2008

Sister time

With all the colds around here, the girls were resting and looking at magazines together. SO sweet! (Shortly after we moved Kaitlyn into Anna's room on her crib mattress, Kaitlyn apparently decided that wasn't good enough for her, and now either shares, or completely takes over, Anna's bed! Fortunately the big sister doesn't seem to mind!

Tomorrow I'm taking them to their new pediatrician's office, as they've been sick for well over a week. I'm SO thrilled about these doctors we'll be seeing--it's a group that practices both traditional AND homeopathic medicine. YAY!!!!


Lara said...

SO sorry your kids are still sick. =( Caedra still isn't feeling well either. Before this illness hit she was only taking a nap a couple times a week, today she was exhausted by 11:30am!
I have to say, I am SO SO jealous of your pediatricians office!!! I would love to have those kind of options.

I miss you too!!!

Bekah said...

sorry you guys are still feeling sick. we missed you at the group this morning. so i'm so curious, who's the new pediatrician? sounds great.

Brianna Heldt said...

Bekah I really missed going to group yesterday too! :( I completely forgot to email Lauren to tell her I wasn't going to be there, oops! Anwyay the office is Partners in Pediatrics, and they have a website: Today is our first time going so I'll let you know how it is!


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