Monday, November 10, 2008


My day had started off like this (and yes I use that much cream in my coffee--don't you?!):

But then it got a little better with some of this:

And it's hard not to feel festive when your street looks like this:

So in spite of illness, we did indeed make it out trick-or-treating on Halloween. We had Snow White, a pirate, a fireman (who kept telling people he was a policeman), and a gorilla. :)

And my wonderful husband was indeed able to locate It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown, so we were able to top off the Halloween festivities like this:


joy said...

you must have just posted! i was posting my reply to your last entry. i love those cute kids of yours! and i use a ton of milk or cream in my coffee, too.

Mike and Rachel said...

Where in the world did you get that gorilla costume? That is so hilarious to me for some reason.

I was telling Mike how beautiful your neighborhood was when we were driving to your house the other day. We even saw a small child jumping in a pile of leaves.

And yes, I do use that much creamer. I like my coffee to taste like vanilla creamer with a hint of coffee. Ahhh, perfect.

Kate said...

brianna, i love the color green on your walls and i really love the slipcovers on your couch. mine is not too cool because it doesn't have seperate covers for the cushions. where did you get them?

Brianna Heldt said...

Rachel, haha, I got the gorilla costume for $6 at Longs Drugs after Halloween last year. It SO fits Kaitlyn's feisty personality!

Kate, thanks! You know the walls are funny, they're supposed to be a colormatch (I'm a cheapskate!) to Restoration Hardware's "Silver Sage" but they actually turned out more blue than I'd hoped. Oh well. Anyway the couches are just the Ikea Ektorp. Probably not the highest quality, BUT they were relatively inexpensive and replacement slipcovers are super cheap!

Amber said...

I love the shot of the street, and blue sky? Denver looks pretty nice to me. :-)


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