Friday, November 21, 2008

Some questions on a Friday

Jerry Springer: Real-life guests, or staged actors?

Organics: Worth the money, or total rip-off?

Twilight series: Great fiction, or over-hyped?

Libraries: Useful resources, or too much trouble?

Babysitting: Easy way to earn some cash, or equivalent to torture?

High school: So much fun, or a necessary evil?

Big yearly vacations: Definite musts, or costly extravagances?

Regular date nights: Essential for a good marriage, or impractical and overrated?

Church: Kids worshipping with you, or in Sunday School the whole time?

Sesame Street: Educational, or ridiculous?

Jim and Pam: Should definitely get married, or getting married will ruin the show?

Donuts: Sugary delights, or fatty stomach-ache-inducers?

Caffeine: A must in the morning, or something you avoid?

Feel free to share an answer or two, or you can answer them all! Yay for about-to-start weekends!


andy gibson said...

Staged actors.
Total rip-off.
Too much trouble. Google it.
Easy cash.
Necessary evil. HS Kids are cruel.
Costly extravagance.
Essential for a good marriage.
Kids worshipping with you.
A little of both.
Should definitely get married.
Sugary delights.

This should be good.

Kathy said...

- Definitely staged - we met a guest once and he gave us all the inside dirt.
- rip off
- read them all, but really only liked 1 and 4
- high school should be a blast!
- camping vacations are the best with LONG road trips (cheap and the best way to deal with all the issues that need dealing with)
- impractical, but whenever you have the chance to go out without kids make that a date
- both, in service at beginning then Children's Church
- educational, but limit
- who are Jim and Pam?
- donuts are a dessert
- my caffeine only comes in chocolate.

Mike and Rachel said...

-real-life guests
-depends on the item, but I rarely buy them
-not great fiction, but good fiction that invoked an emotional response
-useful resources
-easy cash
-so much fun
-yearly vacations are a must, but they don't have to be expensive or even far away.
-impractical on our income, but once a month would be nice with a co-op
-kids worshiping with you
-get married, but not Andy and Angela. Ewww.
-sugary delights
A must have, period.

Mike and Rachel said...

I missed the Sesame Street one. Educational, but I wish it was shorter.

Lara said...

-real life guests given instructions
-worth the money for many things like fruits, veggies, peanut butter... rip-off for "oreo" cookies and such.
-Haven't read them yet.
-easy way to earn cash
-necessary evil. I had fun, but it wasn't even close to the "best time of my life".
-costly extravagances unless you're visiting family
-both. I like having a place to take her when she can't handle it anymore
-both at times
-fatty stomach-ache-inducers.
-avoid...i've had to give in sometimes now that I had two kids. sigh.

Jeannett Gibson said...

-Actors based on exaggerated real life people/events

-Worth the money

-GREAT Fiction

-I can't decide. I love it when I can actually get over there.

-Easy money.

-A necessary evil that also had its fun.

-Some kind of vacation is nice, even if it's just a weekend or two of camping.

-I don't knwo about "regular", but date nights are always fun.

-Kids in chruch with you.

-It used to be less controversial when we were little, not so sure anymore.

-I think Jim and Pam shouldn't even have gotten together! It was more fun before!

-Donuts: blech.

-Oh how I miss my caffeine!

Tracy Regusci said...

OK am I the only one who absolutely loves to drop off my kids at Sunday school and go have an hour and half of worship to myself!! It is my favorite part of Sunday mornings!! Don't get me wrong, I love worshiping other times with my kids, but I am a definite Sunday school the whole time. (however, after reading everyone else answers I feel like there is something wrong with me)

Eos said...

-Staged actors (if not, then, alas, there isn't much hope for humanity)
-Over-hyped (read all four..substandard even for "young adult" lit)
-too much trouble (Internet &/or cheap books have taken it's place)although it pains me to say it as I LOVED libraries when I was young.
-neither - it was ok
-Definite must if finances allow
-N/A (we're Agnostics)
-huh? stuff...don't watch much.
-sugary delights...have had one too many.
-something to avoid but unfortunately, still a must every now and then.

Leah said...

Staged Actors or really sad people in desperate need of prayer.
Worth money when able for fruit and veggies.
Haven't read yet.
Useful resources and great for kids to have a book.
Equivalent to torture
Necessary evil
costly extravagances
Essential for a good marriage semi regular though.
Sunday school whole time-learning geared toward their level
Who is Jim & Pam?
Sugary delights chocolate covered cinnamon rolls are the best
Something you avoid

Shana said...

White Trash (did I say that?!) but totally real.
Rip off in most cases.
Don't know, but I'm thinking over-hyped.
Expensive when your kids lose books!
Tempting, but close to torture.
1/2 and 1/2. They need to see me worship, but I need a break!
Not worth it.
Avoice 'cause I can't afford it!

Anonymous said...

-worth the money in some cases
-don't know yet, haven't read it
-useful resources
-depends on the kid, but in my case, has been torture
-so much fun
-costly extravagance (if it's lots of $$), but some sort of vacation each year is good
-not sure yet, maybe with you for some of worship but not for sermon when young
-never seen it (didn't get pbs), hubby liked it when young
-don't watch
-sugary delight but kolaches are yummier
-something I avoid, cut out due to headaches

Anonymous said...

GREAT fiction
...I'm sorry, were there other questions to answer? Only saw this one.

Jenna said...

Jerry Springer: staged
Organics: Worth the money in most instances (esp meat and dairy)
Twilight series: Great fiction!!
Libraries: Useful resources
Babysitting: equivalent to torture
High school: hmmmm....not sure
Big yearly vacations: costly!
Regular date nights: both :-/
Church: absolutely in sunday school
Sesame Street: boring (yes, even when i was a kid)
Jim and Pam: not sure
Donuts: both
Caffeine: avoid

this is us said...

ah. love this post! fuh-nee!

Lara said...

So I have to clarify that I said weekly dates with husband are essential, but when I say "date" I mean a night where you get to sneak out to the hot tub with the monitor...or the kids go to bed early and you get some "intimate" time then get to watch Scrubs and eat icecream without interuption...or eating dinner together after the kids are asleep. Most of our "dates" are at home with kids asleep not dinners or movies out of the house.

shell said...

jerry springer-have no idea, i bet it is real
organics-if it fits in the budget
twilight- read them all, have felt convicted that i enjoyed reading about vampires
libraries-agree with shana, great but expensive when we lose books!
babysitting-easy money
high school-both
big vacations-naaa, its about being together.
date nights-its time alone, doesnt matter where
church-sunday school. worship is so much more then sunday mornings
seasme street-that is how i learn to read!
jim and pam better get married
caffeine-havent drank it since freshman year in college. it is like a drug in my system!

Rob Robertson said...

Man I am late to this game.

-FAKE, main reason for not owning a tv! (Why own a tv when you can stream The Office online?)
-Worth it for the kids
Twilight series: over hyped, it’s all about marketing!!
-Too much trouble, use the Kindle (only kidding)
-All about the money
-Equivalent to torture ☺
-Not extravagant if you go camping or backpacking, carry the hotel on your back!!! Guarantees phenomenal views at no extra cost!
- Essential and needed!
-With us, leading by example.
-Undecided, but Snuffolufogus holds a special place in my heart
-Jim & Pam who……???? Actually they should get married along with Andy and Dwight, maybe a dual ceremony, some men find Dwight attractive…. I am not one of them!
-Nice delight once every quarter or so…


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