Friday, November 05, 2010

7 Quick Takes Friday {#12}

1.)  Dear friends are so good for the soul.  If you've hung around here for any length of time, then you know I am quite introverted.  And I'm a homebody.  So sometimes I am inclined to not go somewhere or to bow out of doing something because I simply want to be at home.  I need that downtime.  But yesterday afternoon I had such precious time with friends--and I didn't realize how much I needed it until I was there, chatting and laughing and suggesting things for my friends to blog about.  (Are you like me?  Do you not love reading what your good friends write?)  I've been fighting this dumb cold for about a week now and considered just spending the afternoon at home.  But I'm so, so glad that I didn't. 

2.)  I'm in the midst of reading three, yes THREE, books right now.  And it's kind of fun.  Currently sitting on my nightstand are: Better Late Than Early, Love and War, and The Lamb's Supper: The Mass as Heaven on Earth.  I know, pretty random titles that seemingly have little in common--except that their contents are sharing space in my mind.  I'm enjoying the books for the most part, although I honestly don't think I'm on the same wavelength as John Eldredge (author of Love and War).  He seems to paint the respective genders with a pretty broad brush, and I'm just not relating to the book.  (I'm going to finish it though.  And I DO appreciate how he emphasizes the spiritual significance of marriage.)  Better Late Than Early is WONDERFUL and fascinating and I will share more about it later I'm sure.  The Lamb's Supper is also super interesting so far.  For the past few years I've been interested in Catholicism and church history as I seek to understand why on earth I believe the things I believe.  A strange quest to be sure (that actually began more or less with nagging questions about the church's historic stance on contraception.  Go figure.)  Anyway, I have since discovered the gold mine that is Catholic scholarship and literature and yes, theology.  All things I ignored lo these many Evangelical Protestant years.  I could probably do an entire blogpost about this, but I don't feel ready yet.  I feel like I'm still in the middle of this journey.  At any rate, this book is about an interpretation of Revelation which describes the Roman Catholic Mass.

3.)  There are all these ethical questions rattling around in my brain right now (also taking up space) in regards to an organization that I would so love to raise funds and awareness for, but I'm just not sure about it.  Do you ever have that happen, where you're SO wanting to get behind something, to support it, but you keep  having twinges of "there are too many things wrong with it?"  Well, that's how I feel.  No answers yet but I'm leaning towards "no."  Bummer.  Because I think some of the work they do is excellent.  See, now I'm feeling undecided again.  Around and around I go...

4.)  I love how God is in the little things.  Yesterday my daughter wore a new shirt to our homeschool co-op that she just wasn't sure about.  Was concerned she looked like a "rock star" and "not a kid" (though I have NO clue why, as the shirt was super cute and there was NOTHING rockstar-ish about it!)  She was worried her friends were going to laugh at her (????!!!!) and I just kept telling her that she looked beautiful and not to worry about what others thought.  WELL, when I picked her up after school, she shyly told me that she'd been wrong, and I was right.  "About what?" I asked.  "My shirt!" she exclaimed.  Turns out my friend's daughter (who is 12 and seriously one of the greatest kids EVER) saw Anna, said hi, and told her she liked her shirt!  Made my kid's day.  So, so sweet.

5.)  I've been eating way too much Halloween candy.  It's awful.  What more can I say?

6.)  Also on the topic of food, when I had kidney stones I stopped drinking soda (so I could drink water and rid my body of those vile calcified objects) and, guess what?  I don't crave soda anymore.  It is INSANE how once you stop, you have no desire for the stuff.  I had some yesterday and it was okay, but so not the treat it used to be.  (Is it weird if I miss enjoying it so much?  Is this how ex-smokers feel?)

7.)  While at the grocery store yesterday, an announcement came over the loudspeaker saying that they were giving FREE samples of PEPPERMINT MOCHAS at the Starbucks counter.  Um, yes please!!!  Kaitlyn, Mary and I made a beeline over there.  Seriously.  We pretty much ran.  Because I was actually paranoid that they'd all be gone by the time I showed up.  But of course they weren't.  And it was so, sooooo good--definitely worth running through the store with my cart and two kids.  Kind of like on that show "Supermarket Sweep."  And probably the most exercise I've had in years!


As always, if you want to participate in 7 Quick Takes Friday, go to Conversion Diary and link up!  Happy weekend all!


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