Wednesday, November 10, 2010

What I wore Wednesday and revelations from an at-home mom

Just for fun I thought I'd document what I've worn over the past week and link up with my friend Lindsey!

I love clothes, but I love being a cheapskate more and so pretty much all of my things come from the thrift store.

And if I'm spending the day around the house, you'll find me in sweats or yoga pants, and no makeup.

I'm just not one of those people who gets all dressed up to make oatmeal and read Charlotte's Web.

Sorry, but it's true.

And my husband genuinely doesn't care. 

Random tangent and aside: I actually have some strong feelings on the topic because for so long, some areas of the evangelical church have told us women that we need to put a lot of time and money into our appearance, otherwise our husband is going to leave us for that fancy lady at the office.  (My husband is an electrical engineer so this is not TOO likely.  Lucky me.  Maybe this is why I feel so free to wear sweats?)

This line of thinking is seriously flawed, in my opinion, and not at all in keeping with the Bible OR historical Christianity for that matter.  Not to mention, I think it's sexist.  And I don't play that card all too often, but I'll  gladly play it when it comes to this.

While there's nothing WRONG with looking nice and wearing makeup and making an effort, I DON'T think there's a huge case that you HAVE to paint your face or wear a new outfit to be beautiful for your spouse, as if that is a woman's responsibility in marriage.  Don't get me wrong, I'm NOT a tomboy, never have been and never will be.  I like girly things and jewelry and there was a time in my life when I always had acrylic nails with a french manicure.  HA!  That is so laughable now.  And I like that my husband thinks I'm beautiful.  I'd be so bummed out if he didn't.

Okay, stepping off of my soapbox now.

Typically I get all dressed and ready on Tuesdays (small group), Thursdays (kids' school dropoff/pickup/time with girlfriends), and Sundays (church).  If we go somewhere or have people over on Friday or Saturday (or one of those other days), I'll do it then too.  And I don't spend a TON of time on this stuff--just some makeup (Mary Kay leftovers from when my mom was a consultant and would give me free stuff, and cheap drugstore items) and an outfit that I like.  I enjoy looking nice but have no desire to do it seven days a week. 

And my hair is a whole other (neglected) story.  Are you ready for this?  I haven't had it cut or trimmed in over a year.  NO JOKE.  Yes friends, I am serious.  Sometimes I straighten it with a hot iron, but mostly I wear it back.  My hair is SO THICK and a cross between curly and straight--yet sadly NOT curly enough to WEAR it curly and not quite straight enough to look very good straight.  SO, it's usually in a ponytail or bun these days.  Sometimes I'll wear it down.  Debating whether to chop it all off (and have it thinned) on the cheap or let it grow long.  I do think my hair is better suited for short cuts, but I see people with long hair and I decide I want to do that.  Until my hair is growing out and I remember, oh yeah, it's soooooo thick and randomly wavy and not the greatest "long hair" hair.

So if you thought YOU were low-maintenance with your hair, now you know that someone out there is even MORE low-maintenance.  And I really don't think about my hair all that often.  Lately though I have been because I have the urge to get it cut off.  We'll see. 

Still I thought it would be funny to document what I wear because it really is quite laughable a good portion of the time.  So, without further ado...

Wednesday.  Just hanging out at home getting over a cold.  Who knew that upon getting over said cold, I'd catch ANOTHER one.  Grrrrr.

sweater: Gap (three years ago)
sweats: thrift store
slippers: Target (two years ago)

Hee,  hee, hee.  Told ya.  Sweats around the house.

Thursday.  School dropoff, errands, lunch with girlfriends.

cardigan sweater: Target clearance (total splurge for me.)
shirt: thrift store (originally a Target maternity shirt, but I really liked it so I rigged it up with a safety pin in the back, hehehe)
jeans: thrift store
boots: thrift store
necklace: lisa leonard designs

Friday.  We had some people over for Yosef and Biniam's birthday.
Shirt: thrift store
Posy pin: The Pleated Poppy
Jeans: Target clearance
Shoes: Target clearance
Necklace: lisa leonard designs

Saturday.  Forgot to take a picture.  I was in sweats all day because I was coming down with cold #2.  Missed out on fun swimming at Kevin's aunt's house.  Bummer!

Sunday.  Church, lunch at Noodles & Company with friends and their families (we pretty much packed out the restaurant), thrifting with Anna.

camisole: Old Navy (four years ago)
shirt: yard sale in our 'hood
sweater: Target clearance
jeans: Target clearance
shoes: thrift store
necklace: lisa leonard designs

Monday.  Church moms' group in the morning, feeling sick and resting the rest of the day (aka I changed out of these clothes and into pjs the moment I got home.)

sweater: thrift store
jeans: thrift store
shoes: thrift store
necklace: lisa leonard designs

Tuesday.  Rested all day reading Catholic apologetics in a cozy robe and pjs.  Didn't take a picture, unfortunately.  But it would have been awesome.

Well folks, that's it!  Not nearly as entertaining as I'd hoped, because I missed out on TWO photo ops of me in my comfies.  BUT, you DID learn that I wore jeans a lot last week, that I'm a thrift store junkie, that I feel little-to-no pressure to look fancy around the house, AND that I haven't had a haircut in over a year.

I think our relationship has definitely moved to the next level, don't you?  :)


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