Friday, November 12, 2010

7 Quick Takes Friday {#13}

1.)  It's COLD!  Brrrrrr!  Winter is on its way, finally.  I love the seasons and yes that includes snowy, wintry weather, but this will take some getting used to.  So, so crazy to drop off the kids at their homeschool program yesterday in jackets and hats.  But I do love it, and I love scarves and coats and all those fun things I rarely wore in my California days.  So, bring it on!

2.)  I'm FINALLY, finally, almost finished with Karl Keating's book.  Remember how I had a falling out with him because of the chapter on salvation?  Well, I'm so glad I ditched the grudge and picked the book back up because it really is interesting, even if he's a little caustic here and there.  (Kevin actually liked the chapter.  Go figure.)  Right now I'm reading the chapter about the Inquisition, which I literally know NOTHING about.  Part of why I'm anxious to finish is so I can dig deeper into Better Late Than Early.

3.)  A couple of days ago I had such a fun chat on the phone with a sweet, dear friend.  It was great.  I should do that more, but I NEVER call people.  I made myself a cup of tea and relaxed and it was wonderful. 

4.)  This latest cold I have is AWFUL!  I always get sick this time of year.  Always.  But once I'm better I hope to be well for a good long while, because it's been one thing after another here lately!  I'm tired of coughing and blowing my nose and feeling crummy.  Yes, I'm whining.  Sorry.

5.)  I keep meaning to do a post about duvet covers.  Yes, duvet covers.  These things make me CRAZY.  And I have officially sworn them off.  For good.  I've tried and I've tried for the past eight years to make them work, but I am DONE.  Tell me I'm not the only one who is literally unable to get the down comforter inside, and who becomes insane when it isn't straight in there, which inevitably happens after about one night of sleeping under it.  Who invented these things???  And WHY?!

6.)  Kevin is the official dishwasher-emptier in our home, and I am the dishwasher-loader.  He HATES to load, and I HATE to empty, so it works perfectly.  I know that emptying the dishwasher, logically, isn't the WORST thing in the world, but I really do detest that job!  It is such a blessing that my husband does it, and it's something I really don't take for granted.

7.)  My kids occasionally fight--yes, fight--over who gets to hold or play with Mary.  And she's been around for over a year.  The novelty has apparently not worn off.  I love that.  The whole drive home from picking up the big kids yesterday, Kaitlyn was making Mary laugh.  SO cute.  I love that siblings bring each other such joy!!!


Those really WERE "quick" takes.  Apparently I was so long-winded in earlier posts this week that I had nothing left to say.  :)  If you want to do your OWN 7 Quick Takes, link up over at Conversion Diary!


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