Wednesday, November 17, 2010

What I wore Wednesday and lack of creativity

Well friends here we are again.  It's Wednesday, and I'm posting cheesy photos of what I wore.  It's all pretty hilarious because I apparently loved gray and black this week.  That and I also apparently wore a cardigan everyday.  Ha!  If you don't know already, I am not a particularly creative person.  Not artistic in the least.  And DON'T try to say that everyone is creative in their own way.  I'm not.  So, if I like something, I wear it to death.  And I'm not great at home decorating because I just don't have that creative mind for it.  There's your random Brianna-factoid for the day.  :)  (And no, I'm not fishing for compliments either.  I really am just not a think-outside-the-box-er.)

You'll notice that I included my head and even my face this time.
Also, please take note of the horribly-lighted photo of me in my comfy robe (which is not actually as hideous in normal lighting.  I don't know what happened there.)  I only posted one photo, but you can bet I wore that, AND my leopard-print slippers, multiple days.  SOooo cozy. 

And I am FINALLY almost over this ridiculous cold.  I know I keep talking about it, but this was probably the worst cold I've had in years!  I HAVE to get to Costco soon, because we are dangerously low on various groceries.  Including soap.  Awesome.

School drop-off, lunch date with Kevin and our two youngest girlies, some time with girlfriends in the afternoon, school pick-up.

cardigan sweater: Target clearance
hand-stamped necklace: lisa leonard designs
everything else: thrift store

Friday (and Wednesday too...): at home resting.
robe: thrift store
comfy black pants: Old Navy five years ago
slippers: Target three years ago

Saturday: had our small group over for dinner.

cardigan sweater: Target clearance
yellow shirt: Target clearance (it's actually a maternity shirt, but it was only $4, so I bought it anyway, ha!)
jeans: Target clearance
ballet flats: Target three years ago

Sunday.  Church, thrifting with Anna.

scarf: thrift store
dress: Gap three years ago
tights: Express nine years ago
knee socks: Target
cardigan sweater: Gottschalks clearance five years ago (does anyone else remember Gottschalks???)
boots: Kohls four years ago

Dinner out with girlfriends.
Everything from thrift store.

Homeschool meeting.
cardigan sweater: Target clearance.
black camisole: Target three years ago
everything else: thrift store

Again, bad lighting.  I'm pale, but not THIS pale!


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