Friday, November 19, 2010

7 Quick Takes Friday {#14}

1.)  I've done the whole "What I Wore Wednesday" thing two weeks in a row now, but I'm thinking I should really be doing "What I Made for Dinner Wednesday" instead.  Talk about needing accountability!  I am so inept when it comes to meal planning.  You'd THINK this would be something I'd have figured out by now, but it's not.  Remember, I said I'm not creative.  And that's part of my problem.  I get tired of making the same old stuff , or I just plain can't come up with anything.  BUT we need to eat.  All seven of us.  So I really need to make some improvements in this area.

2.)  Lately, speaking of dinner, I've been making roasted vegetables as a side-dish.  I just toss them with extra virgin olive oil and fresh minced garlic, then bake or roast them...YUM.  I could live on that.  Love it.  So do my kids and husband though, so I have to share, and pretend that I LIKE sharing because I want my kids eating veggies.  But deep down, I'm really wishing that all of the asparagus and cauliflower were mine.

3.)  How is Thanskgiving next week already?  My goodness!  November has BLOWN by.  We've been busy and I've been sick so I guess that's what happens, but still, it's nuts.  We're having dinner at my sister-in-law and brother-in-law's house, and I'm bringing mashed potatoes and pumpkin pie.  Oh how I love a Thanksgiving feast!  (And aside from the delightful company, the side dishes are what I'm there for.  The turkey gets all the attention, and I do like turkey, but I'm all about the stuffing and the potatoes and the yams and the rolls.  And lots of gravy.)

4.)  I really, REALLY need to get to Costco.  We are seriously out of our staples--bread, peanut butter, brown rice, beans, garlic, soap, the list goes on.  Anna hasn't been feeling well (she even missed school yesterday, bummer!) though so I'm not sure about how well we'd all wether the outing.  We probably don't have a choice though, ha!

5.)  Starbucks.  2-5 pm.  Yesterday through Sunday.  Holiday drinks.  Buy one, get one free.  Enough said.

6.)  Last night Kevin misplaced his keys after he got home from work.  We had to go to a meeting after dinner so we just used mine instead, but he was perplexed and stressed out about it the entire time we were out.  I told him he needs to be more like me and lose things on a regular basis, so he can learn to just roll with it and not care so much.  Heehee.  (He did find them when he got home, on our bookshelves.)

7.)  My house is a disaster (for me.  Objectively speaking it is not really that bad).  I feel like we are having a hard time maintaining a routine lately.  Also, homeschooling has really taken a hit in recent weeks, partly because I've been sick, and partly because I'm just not thrilled with what we've been doing.  So I'm changing it up.  I'd envisioned what our year would look like, but it's looking a bit different, and I need to be okay with that.  I'll share about our change in curriculum sometime soon.


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