Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Book show and a few near-misses

Some fun stuff to tell you all about in the upcoming weeks.  Today I'll be talking about a sweet opportunity for you to support a cause while shopping for books.  Total win-win.

Friends, I'm hosting an online Usborne Book Show!

Some dear friends have a nonprofit called Sharing Their Story.

Angela has also recently started her very own Usborne business.

And proceeds from this show go to their organization!

Cool, huh?

SO, head on over and grab some books.  They are shipped directly to you (how convenient is that?!), and if you haven't seen Usborne before, you really should.  They're WONDERFUL!  (I'm even considering signing up as a consultant, they're that great.  And I heart books.  Just in case you didn't know.  :)  )

We're all still battling colds over here, trying to get well before Yosef and Biniam's birthday party Friday night.  Yesterday I did make it out of the house to vote, although it seems like my peeps never really win.  (Do you feel that way too?)  I have to tell you (well I don't REALLY have to, but I'm going to anyway) that on my nighttime voting excursion, I may or may not have come within inches of hitting some joggers with my car.  So if that was you running near the University of Denver campus last night, I really am sorry.  Apparently I was distracted thinking about how weird it is that Mayor Hickenlooper's main opponent for governor was a third-party candidate, and by the idea that our church small group was arriving and I still needed to clean up dinner and put all the sheets that I washed back on our bed.  But not to worry dear readers, I didn't ACTUALLY run anybody over, and I immEDiately made up the bed and cleaned up the kitchen the MOMENT I hit the door.  Whew.  Those were some majorly close calls!

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