Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Fall fun

I just wanted to share some of the sweet, festive things we've done so far this season.  It's felt busy, and as I look back, I can see why!  (And this is NOT an exhaustive list by any means.)

My kids had crazy hair day at school and we decided to "go green".  :)

Yosef and Biniam have very short hair, and I wasn't sure what we should do with it.  This turned out perfectly though, and they loved it!

Anna wanted lots of green ponytails.  So fun!


We hit up free Scary Face Pancakes at IHOP.

Halloween weekend, we trekked over to IHOP and it was so much fun! The kids got to decorate their own pancakes and seriously had a blast. Just know that if you own a restaurant and offer any sort of free ANYthing, we will show up. All seven of us. Soon there will be nine of us.


The kids had black oatmeal with "ghosts" in it for Halloween breakfast.

What cracks me up is, I spontaneously did this for the kids last year.  Thought it would be funny.  And THIS year, DAYS before Halloween, Anna was telling me that I HAD to do the black ghost oatmeal again.  She was adamant.  So, apparently a Heldt family tradition has begun.


Kevin bought each of the kids their own small pumpkin.

We didn't do carving this year.  We have YET to carve a pumpkin, actually.  And the day before Halloween, Anna (yet again) was saying we NEEDED to have pumpkins on our porch.  She felt like it wasn't Halloween.

Let me interrupt this story to share that she is SO her mother's daughter.  I would feel so bummed out growing up if things didn't seem "festive" enough.  I wanted the multi-colored, flashing lights on the Christmas tree (poor Mom always obliged, even though she liked the white ones), and I liked leaves and pumpkins and Halloween-ish things in the Fall. 

SO, we told Anna we wouldn't carve a pumpkin this year.  BUT Kevin did buy each child a small pumpkin of their own.  Which they LOVED.


And I enjoyed them on my 1940s antique saucer (thrifting find) with a glass of (homemade) iced caramel coffee.  I didn't share any with the kids.


Mary Lu turned 1.


Biniam and Yosef turned 6.


Lots of other things too, like completing our adoption training, getting fingerprint appointments, applying for adoption grants, the list goes on.  Fall is one of my very favorite seasons, and it's no wonder: so much celebrating to do!  Happy Fall!


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