Monday, November 01, 2010

Halloween 2010

Well another October 31st has come and gone!

We spent the evening trick-or-treating in our neighborhood, and are now the proud owners of between 10 and 15 pounds of candy.  Ew.  (Don't get me wrong, I really kind of love candy...but that MUCH candy is insane.  And I don't think my kids scored any Coconut M&Ms.  Which I would GLADLY eat ten pounds of.  Because a dear sweet friend just gave me some and I can't.stop.thinking. about them.  They are THAT good.  I think I need to blog a homage to these coco-nutty delights.)

I love going door to door around here.  There are leaves EVERYwhere, and lots of people are out and about with their coffee and beer wishing each other a Happy Halloween.  So very festive.  Everyone gets into it, but it's not overly crowded.  Love it.

We had a policeman, pirate, fairy godmother, lion, and "flying Dorothy" (Kaitlyn wanted to be Dorothy from The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, but also wanted to wear her fairy wings.  So, she declared that she was a flying Dorothy.  She loved getting to wear her "ruby shoes.") 

Anna was scolding a ghost or something in the above picture.  Obviously the other three kids were more interested in getting some treats.  :)

After much procuring of candy, we headed home and put on pjs to watch It's the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown.  The kids had a great time last night and it was, as always, downright hilarious for Kevin and I to watch them run from house to house.  It is painfully evident though that the kids don't need us along.  At all.  We go for safety's sake, but they are more than capable of running this operation themselves.  Really.  We may as well have not even been there eating their candy reminding them to say thank you lurking in the shadows.

And yet while I'm currently battling a cold, I would NOT have missed the trick-or-treating for anything.  Kids are small for such a short time and it's seriously one of my favorite things to see them enjoying themselves so much.  Mary was mostly unimpressed, but as always it's so sweet to have her along.

Today though it's back to the usual grind: homeschooling and doing things around the house.  In spite of my cold we have somehow already done math, history, and literature.  Yay!

I hope you too had a fun and memorable day yesterday.  It's November now and while I have no clue what happened to October, I know that it was a lot of fun.

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Tanya said...

What cute pictures Brianna! You and my oldest daughter share the same name. Only difference is hers is with one "n". Can't tell you what a pain that has been. Stopping by from SITS, have a great day-

Brianna Heldt said...

Tanya hi! How fun that your daughter and I share the same name! I must say that yes, my name has been misspelled mispronounced all throughout my life. At some point I stopped correcting people, ha! I do like the name, but yes, it's a tricky one. :)

JDaniel4's Mom said...

We were taste testing JDaniel's candy too. I think Dorothy with winds was a great idea.

Emily B. said...

coconut M&Ms?!?!?!? I HAVE to try these!! (I hope they have them in our region but I"ve never actually seen them yet)

Brianna Heldt said...

Emily YES! They are AMAZING! I hope you're able to find some. (I need to get to the store and get some more myself! Though that would be tough to justify with over ten pounds of candy already in my house, ha.)

Janee said...

Love the Flying Dorothy. From what I hear, I had a little Kitty Cat-Princess back at home, with a cat face painted on but wearing a princess dress. And this may or may not have been due to someone having an accident in her kitty costume just as the trick-or-treating was about to begin. It's made me laugh all day long. =)

Brianna Heldt said...

HAHA! Oh Janee that is FANTASTIC!!! LOVE it! And just think, you didn't have to clean up said accident. :) (AND, if Noelle is anything like my girls, so long as the word "princess" is attached, pretty much anything goes. :) )

Rachel Slagle said...

love the coconut m&m's :) your kiddos looked cute!


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