Monday, November 08, 2010

A funny peek into my life

I just KNEW I had to share this on my blog when I saw it.  Partly because it's so darn funny, and partly because I have had this SAME CONVERSATION more times than I could possibly count.  Other adoptive parents will know what I mean.  I could literally have written this script.  In about ten seconds.

Thankfully we belong to a church and a community that generally don't bat an eye when it comes to our family, but before we moved here, it felt like this was I would have.  (Why is that?  I have no clue.  Is it because we live in a more liberal, diverse city now as opposed to a more conservative small town?  No idea.)  I really have had times (at the park, playgroups, church) where I've felt that people didn't want to pursue getting to know me because they wrote me off as a crazy nonhuman kid lady (kind of like an old crazy cat lady, but much, much worse).

And yet also thankfully, I've reached a point in my life where I truly don't care.  I am who I am, I have five children, and yes two of them are adopted.  I'm not a saint, or a glutton for punishment, or a humanitarian.  I'm a mom.

So, enjoy.  And if you meet a mom-to-many at a park or a birthday party, don't be afraid to get to know her and please don't act like she has 250 cats.  She is probably pretty awesome and, at the very least, has some entertaining stories to tell!  :)

(I came across this video on a blog I regularly read and always enjoy, Storing Up Treasures.  You should go check it out!  If for no other reason than she makes some fantastic videos on YouTube.)


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