Friday, May 02, 2008

2 week mark

As of yesterday we will have been in Denver for 2 weeks. It feels like it's been much longer than that, I think.

Moving is really strange. Most of you that are my friends in real life, I didn't see on a daily, or sometimes even weekly, basis. But I somehow "know" that you're really far away now. Which makes me sad. The other strange thing is that, for some reason in many ways more tangible than missing you, I also feel sad about having no real "life" here yet. No group of friends, no church, no set routines yet like storytime or "our grocery store" or going to "our park". I feel pretty aimless most days.

By now you're probably wondering why I'm not more busy with getting our stuff all moved in and organized. WELL, about 99.99% of our furniture and possessions are currently sitting in our garage here, because we're having a bunch of flooring ripped out and redone, we're redoing our kitchen, and therefore there was no sense in moving it in, getting it all set up, only to have to move it later. SO we're living out of boxes, I unpacked minimal dishes, etc.

So far we've painted our front room, the bathroom, and the kitchen, and bought paint for the master bedroom. (The painting is what I've been doing most days.) Kevin and his dad ripped up a bunch of the carpet down in the basement and aired out some moldy floor boards (don't ask. Oh okay, you can ask. The laundry area flooded shortly after we moved in because there was a clog and the kitchen sink started draining right out onto the basement floor. EW.) Kevin worked on some stuff in the bathroom and we've picked out cabinets (we're going to reface ours and put in new shelves, instead of ripping them out altogether) and carpet. Somehow when I type this out it doesn't seem like much to show for two weeks worth of being here.

Today me and the kids are meeting Kevin for lunch. Crazy! Living so close to his office (less than 20 minutes away!) has been pretty sweet so far. He's able to come home so much sooner, go in so much later, it's great. AND now we can have a special lunch with Daddy during the week!

I'll post some pictures of our progress on the house, and our trip out here, soon. And anybody have any good ideas for places to buy cool throw pillows for my couch and loveseat???


I am Katy, said...

Sounds like you've been busy. Can't wait to see pictures of your new house with your own touches to it.

Mike and Rachel said...

You should buy foam filler and make your own pillows!!!

Call me!!! Let's get together next week. M,T,and TH are my best days since I have an extra kid here on Wed, and Fri. I'd love to hear how things are going in person!!!

andy gibson said...


Anonymous said...

Welcome back! I have been checking your blog, hoping that you would post soon. Your kiddos are beautiful! I hope your transition to Denver goes as well as it possibly can!

Carrie Haughey said...

you are back!! and somewhat settled in... :0) It sounds like you have been really busy! all that, plus four kids to look after... yikes! Can't wait to see pictures of the fam and that house after you are all moved in. :0)

Jeannett Gibson said...

A REAL wife would make her own pillows...! But, um, what about a crate and barrel? got one of those? and there is still the wonderful world of the internet you can shop from.

By the way, sounds like you have been VERY busy! I fully expect a before/after series! :)

Tamara said...

Oh my goodness you did all that with 4 toddlers underfoot!?!?! We have been here for a month (just wrote my first mortgage payment) and I still feel like my life is crazy with this project and that... and it is a brand new house. I can't wait for pictures!!

Angela said...

wow. i just read this again. it is so funny to read that you had no group of friends to hang out with... that changed pretty quickly, didn't it?
i looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooove you!!


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