Saturday, May 31, 2008

This old house

Our home is still a construction zone. Most of the basement subfloor is up now, and Kevin's working on the rest as we speak. We're getting estimates on having hardwoods added to part of the main floor, had the bedrooms, basement and playroom measured for carpet, and are getting ready to order it. Today I'm hoping to get some more painting done (ugly walls drive me crazy!), and weed an area of our backyard, so I can get my vegetables planted.
Yesterday the kids and I went to KMart and picked out some plants for our yard. We'll be planting tomatoes, grape tomatoes, cucumbers, green bell peppers and orange peppers, and some basil, to start with. If all goes well maybe I'll add something else, but for now that seemed like plenty. :) I've never had a vegetable garden before! I was inspired to do this because I got tired of spending over $2 for one tomato at the grocery store, and how nice would it be to have access to fresh veggies? My kids love love love to water plants so I also think this can be fun for them. I'll post some pictures of my garden when it's planted. (And before I've killed it.)
I'm also thinking about Anna's bedroom. I'm going to paint her bed white, get four glass doorknob finials for the posts (at least I hope so, the bolt is connected to the bed, and it looks like most knobs are ALSO connected to a bolt), and then I'm still undecided about her bedding. I think the Simply Shabby Chic line at Target is so cute, but then maybe I want to do something more funky. That's where the trouble comes in, because I can't find anything in the "funky" category that I like. And for the life of me I can't decide on a wall color. For the boys I'm also pretty undecided, although I already have bedding for them that I'll be using.
Here is our nearly-nightly reward for all our hard work. MMMMMM, ice cream. That's my butter pecan on the left, and Kevin's cookies and cream on the right, both with some brownie thrown in for good measure. Kevin and I share a last name, but we do NOT share the same taste in ice cream. So we are a two-ice-cream-family. And as of last night we are all out, so a trip to the grocery store is now in order.
Have a great weekend!


Jeannett Gibson said...

Oh how I miss ice cream! Sigh..

I'm impressed with your foray into veggie gardening. I'm planning on using a small side yard section of our yard to do some veggies and/or herbs. I had a couple of parsley, basil, and thyme plants at the last house and it was always so fun to go out and cut some for whatever meal I was making...and I agree spending $2 on ONE tomato is painful! Ugh!

Can't wait to see the house all done! Totally missing you today!

darci said...

good luck with your garden..oh how i've tried, but alas i have a thumb of death (vs the green thumb). sigh. i DO still harbour secret ambitions of someday growing a garden..but i can't tell anyone that knows me bc i am laughed at. but YES, i agree that to have your own fresh veggies for (almost) free is fantastic, and i will speak as a moocher who is given lot's of yummy veggies, there is nothing so GOOD as homegrown veggies,,can't compare to the store. so best of luck! :)

cathy said...

Plant pumpkins!!! They are foolproof (though the vines can get long... don't know how much space you have), love the CO heat, and are somewhat kind if you forget to water them. And come October, you will have enough pumpkins to decorate your front porch without the expense. So fun for the kids. But watch out for CO hailstorms. They can wipe your garden out in one fell swoop.

Mike and Rachel said...

Does Anna care about color selection? I know Aubrey has had a big opinion lately about her wardrobe, hair style, and anything else. I bet she will want to pick out everything for her bedroom in a few years.

Why is Kevin ripping out the subfloor? Is this becuase of the backup you had in the basement awhile back, or is it for another reason?

Brianna Heldt said...

jeannett i forgot you still are off dairy! :( and i miss you was so good to hear your vioce and talk to you the other day!

rachel, no anna doesn't really care...given the choice she'd probably choose some sort of commercialized character for her bedding, but mommy won't stand for that! she DOES have opinions about her wardrobe and hair, which i think is great, and i allow her to choose within limits. kevin is tearing out the subfloor because it's poor quality, the boards are soft, etc.


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