Sunday, May 25, 2008

No place like home

I'm pretty homesick this week, especially tonight for some reason. I miss our old house, not because it was my dreamhome, but because it WAS home. I miss our little neighborhood, even though stuff about it bugged me, because that was our path home. I miss "our" Foodmaxx (and the cheesy song), "our" Target, and I also miss the ocean. Basically everywhere that felt comfortable and routine.

Funny how stuff hits you at different times and when you least expect it. I love Denver and so far it is a really, really great fit for us. And it even feels a little like it's our home, but yet it's not truly home yet. When will it be? I don't know. For now, I long for California. And I take small consolation from the fact that we still own our home there, even though strangers are living in it. For some reason that helps!

Most of all I miss family and friends and the dear people who filled our home each Wednesday evening. I do believe the Lord has us where He wants us, but of course no one said it would be easy. I'm resting in His plan for our lives and I know He'll provide for us as He always has!
Hope you all have a blessed Sunday!


darci said...

prayed for you after i read this. how i can relate. we have moved and moved and moved. I missed our last house even thought it was a square little box with no character at ALL (which I hate)...but we had brought our baby there, the hours of soccer in the yard, so many memories. so , thinking of you. praying God blesses you with what He has for you. I do pray for close friends for you..but I know that when I have been loneliest I have grown so close to
have a good day. I hope you soon find a group of friends to fill your home. we just left our church and that, too is what I miss the most-our Bible study group that came to our house every Thursday, grown ups and kids filling every nook and cranny. :) darci

Mike and Rachel said...

Finding Plum Creek made Castle Rock home. I really missed Rock Harbor, I was very invested there and gave up a lot. Once we were ar a church we were willing to get involved in and started making friends there (through asking people over every weekend for several months) we really had that "home" feeling.

I also visited SoCal a few months after we got out here and that really helped. Mike even flew out one of my best friends at the 6 week point to surprise me. I do have my "king Soopers" now, my Target, church, and everything else. I would feel lost in SoCal and super sad if we had to move back. Hang in there, it will get easier, especially after your parents visit.

andy gibson said...

"FoodMaxx, take it to the Maxx, Maxximize your shopping power, FoodMaxx!"

Does that help?

We miss you guys too, I actually thought about you guys today missing from third service.

Jeannett Gibson said...

Aw! Miss you guys too! Maybe I can throw together some kind of Santa Maria care package?! :)

Joanie said...

Cracking up at the Food Maxx jingle there in black and white! I miss you and the fam so much. I miss seeing the boys in Sunday School, and of course seeing those lovely ladies growing up! Your flooring is pretty -love seeing it in the background - is some of that staying?

Here is another thing that might make you feel better about leaving Santa Maria. I had FINALLY gotten up the courage to take the girls to a furniture store - namely "Ashley." I had them out of the car; Marissa was in the Bjorn after a long break from it, and both were prepped to sit or touch only where I said, etc. WE go up to the door- it's locked and the place is gutted! What?! So I go to Pier One (Where do people shop for furniture around here?) to at least see some table selection. I asked what happened and long story short, some people have paid for furniture that they will never get. I guess it went out overnight.

Now I don't mind if someone has more info on this for me, and I certainly don't want to step on any toes...but Brianna, I can just see you smile and nod at this one!

You guys take care.

Angela said...

i'm so sorry your sad.
i'm so glad you are here, but i'm so sorry you are missing the community you had in CA...
hoping God builds that for you here, soon. I'm so glad you are here. (said that a few times already. REALLY mean it.) :)


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