Sunday, May 25, 2008

The Heldts go thrifting

Friday night we Heldts made a family trip to a thrift store here in Denver, recommended by a friend. I'd long since given up on buying second-hand clothes, because the thrift stores in Santa Maria were, uh...yeah. Pretty gross. And I have an aversion to junk. In theory though I think it's great to buy second-hand, so I was anxious to check out some of the places here.

And boy, did we score big-time! Yosef and Biniam were in desperate need of some short-sleeved shirts and Anna needed some shorts, and we found all of that and more. I cannot BELIEVE how many quality items were there, all actually ORGANIZED by size and type. Lots of name brands like Gap and Old Navy and Roxy. Not to mention a bunch of it was half-off the tag price, AND we randomly got free ticket vouchers for the Colorado Crush arena football games, for spending $20 or more. (NO clue if these games are any fun, but I guess we'll check it out, because it's free. :) )

One of our most exciting finds of the evening: an unopened childrens' puzzle of Africa, for fifty cents.


Kristen Borland said...

hip-hip-horray for thrifting!!

Anonymous said...

I am a single Mom 2 two in Highlands Ranch. Would you mind sharing the name/location of the thrift store you mentioned?


The Queen of Fifty Cents said...

Great finds! If your area has garage/yard sales, that can be a wonderful source of stuff for kids, from clothes to books to games and toys. Happy thrifting!

Mike and Rachel said...

Castle Rock has community yard sales and you can find a ton of great deals. After all, we live in a really afluent area so others junk is amazing. I'm actually buying a backyard stand alone slide and a bike with training wheels for $10 from a neighbor whose daugter has outgrown them. You should check the community pages for neighboring cities and see whose having sales when, and then set an alarm and take off!

Brianna Heldt said...

klsaline, you know it was just the ARC on the corner of broadway and florida.

rachel i'll definitely have to do that!!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing - we have had a lot of unexpected expenses pop up lately so this will be a huge blessing!



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