Sunday, May 04, 2008

First Denver Heldt houseguests!

Yes friends, we'd only been in our new home a little over a week when we had our very first overnight California visitors!

We were so, so blessed to have Troy and Becky Hawkins spend some time with us during their visit to Colorado (to Colorado Springs actually, to see Becky's uncle.) We met them for lunch last Saturday out by the airport when they flew in, and then last Tuesday afternoon they came up to our house and stayed the night, and flew home the next day. It was so great to get to hang out, go out for Ethiopian food (even though the food was probably the worst Ethiopian food we've had, but that's another story), and see good friends.

It occurred to me after they left that Troy and Becky feel really more like family to us than anything...our home is currently in a state of semi-disarray, we couldn't really offer them a very luxurious guest room, our kids are still in crazy-transition-mode, etc--but it doesn't really matter. I can give the Hawkins cold cereal in the morning and that's really okay. We feel so comfortable with them, and felt so honored that they would take some time out of their visit to see us.

Anyway, our home in Denver is open anytime to any friends that want to visit. Come see us!


Joy said...

don't tell cade yet, but i do want to come and visit. to clarify, not that he wouldn't want to see you, he wouldn't want to fly and it will be a long car trip. how fun!

Jeannett Gibson said...

Just so you know...when the Gibsons come or not...I expect little mints on my pillow, french milled soaps in the shape of delicate rose petals, 4 course breakfast, and pink toilet paper. Now that you have the heads up, you'll have no excuse.

(Nice couches!...They look new!)

Brianna Heldt said...

oh joy we would LOVE if you and cade came out!!! yeah, it really IS a long car trip...and i share his hatred of flying so i know the feeling...let's face it, there's no good way to get here. :)

HA jeannett, DEFINITELY pink toilet paper, fluffy white bathrobes, and room service. only the best for the gibsons!!!

Jacquelyn said...

Sounds like the Heldt house B & B open for business!

Kristen Borland said...

i go away for a few days and suddenly there are actually posts on your blog!! i've checked several times a day for a LONG time to no avail (yeah, that's called obsession). i was beginning to think they didn't have internet in CO. but look at all the blog candy that appeared the last few days!! so exciting to hear how things are going!! house guests! that's awesome! and glad you went to the ladies' event and flea market (how cool is that?!). welcome back (to blogging that is)!


one question: how will that couch stay white?

Anonymous said...

I am really looking forward to our trip to Denver in just a week. We will fly in Monday (5/12). I am looking forward to seeing you and having our kids play.
Stacy Parker

Sugar Plum said...

We are famous! It was so fun to see your cute new home. Did I tell you Troy loves cold ceral? He seriously eats it 7 days a week!!! It was great to get our pre-school kid fix, and I think it was the first time Kaitlyn was OK with me holding her! Perfection is not required here! Love ya! b&t


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