Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Here on another planet

Okay so I just have to make some observations about Denver because after almost three weeks of living here, I have several:

--Lots of Barack Obama fans. Lots of yard signs and bumperstickers. Today a dad at the park had an Obama t-shirt on.

--I see a lot of Ron Paul signs too.

--So many different TYPES of people...from hippies to soccer moms, they were all at the neighborhood park today.

--Very kid friendly. People in this area seem to LOVE kids. Bizarre.

--No one in Denver seems surprised by our mixed family.

--People here are EXTREMELY down to earth and friendly. I've met more random people on the street, at the park, at the store, then I ever did in Santa Maria. Really strange.

--People here LOVE the outdoors and being outside.

--And they have a lot of dogs that they walk everyday.

--It is terribly, terribly dry here.

--At the flea market (technically in Littleton) there were some seriously done-up moms...designer coats, heels, full makeup, hair done...with a baby in the bjorn...all on a Saturday morning.

--The Costcos here have way more items, and way more organic items, than our old one in California.

--The weather...well this could be a post of its own. 75 degrees one day, SNOW the next day...and every temperature here FEELS warmer than it did back in Cali, because it's so dry I guess. I love how hot it gets! No more annoying not-very-hot-but-not-very-cold weather, which perpetually drove me nuts.

Those are my observations for today. I'm sure I'll have more to share eventually!


Kevin Heldt said...

And a snowstorm on May 1st -- I thought my calendar was broken!

Kristen Borland said...

first of all, i love that calendars can break. i hope this is a digital one. my calendars are both paper, and if they did break, i'd tape them back together. second, denver sounds wonderful (except the dry thing, which i don't particularly like). third, i'm not sure how i'd feel about showing up at a flea market looking like i just rolled out of bed and threw a hat on if all the ladies just spent two hours getting ready. and fourth, did i mention denver sounds wonderful? glad to hear you have some positive observations, especially that people seem so down to earth and love kids.

Jeannett Gibson said...

Sounds great! Glad you are liking it so far. I have a few observations based on your observations:

-You should probably get a dog now. You wouldn't want your kids to be the only ones without one, would you?

-In Santa Maria, people were probably more surprised by the fact that YOU were white and not Mexican.

-You may have met more friendly people had you spoken Spanish.


Joy said...

you've been busy making so many observations! i love your observations and jeannett's too. the costco one is way interesting. what would we need to do to get more organic items here? and i do like some hot weather too. so, when you get a pool, let us know and we'll come visiting:)

Mike and Rachel said...

It will get less dry as the thunder storms move in, and it will be horrible for you next winter when the dry really sets in for months and months.

Allison Brown said...

Glad you guys made it safely and hope you are settling in well. Looking forward to seeing more pictures once you're done with your house. I love Colorado too, it's the state I would consider a second home because my two half-sisters live in Littleton and we visit pretty regularly. Maybe we'll have to stop by and say hi next time we're there!

Anna Lyons said...

I will say a big "amen" on the not hot-not cold weather. That drives me nuts too! I love heat! Mmmm...it's so nice! It sounds great there. Miss your girlie in sunday school but am glad you are enjoying it!!!

Sando said...

Great to see you guys are up and running, cant wait to come visit soon!

Mike and Rachel said...

i forgot to tell you! over the holidays someone had Christmas lights up that spelled Ron Paul, I totally thought it was a Jewish greeting or another non-Christmas December event. I had no idea it was a person.


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