Thursday, May 22, 2008

Jumbled Thursday thoughts

...many people have been blogging about Steven Curtis Chapman and his family today, and so I'm sure you've probably heard, so this isn't news to any of you. I guess I wanted to post about it anyhow.

...Steven has done so, so much for the international adoption community. I know of several families who have received grants from his amazing organization, who have met him, and I think that many Christian families with internationally adopted children feel a connection to what he is doing. (I certainly do.) He lives out his faith and sets an amazing example.

...naturally I was devastated to hear about this tragic accident. I've also been recently saddened because some children have passed away in the last month or so at AHOPE, and then because some wonderful friends of ours have been through so much upheaval and heartache in their adoption process. Sigh. Life is hard. I can only say that I'm glad for the Hope we have in Christ.

...not sure how this fits with the above things but I guess that for a long while I've felt the Lord stirring me to do...something. What, I'm not exactly sure. There are things that have impacted me over the last couple of years. I'm getting to know, and meeting regularly, with dear women who have huge hearts for the Lord, and for orphans. One of these ladies has even just started an amazing nonprofit. Anyway, as we settle into our new life here in Denver, I pray that God will show me what He wants for our family, how He wants to use my passions and resources, and that I may be a blessing to others and an advocate for those who don't otherwise have a voice.

...finally, tomorrow we're going to the zoo with my sweet sister in law and her daughters. It has been a long time coming, and I so look forward to enjoying time with dear family, and to my kids getting to spend time with their cousins!


Joy said...

i had not heard about the chapman's family tragedy. that is just awful. i suppose such things make us long for heaven and remind us how fleeting this life really is. i admire your desires to serve God in such real ways, brianna. His love is evident in all you do. have fun at the zoo! (i didn't mean to rhyme :)


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