Saturday, May 03, 2008

Old friends and some new friends

Okay so I went today and actually had a great time! People were super nice and the flea market was sweet! Thank you so much, sweet California friends for the encouraging words.

I wanted to share about our last couple of weeks in California that were filled with great times with great friends. First, Andy and Jeannett hosted a going away party for us in their beautiful new home. We were so blessed to get to spend time with people so dear to us. (I didn't take any pics, oops!)

Then, Cade and Joy hosted a "Santa Maria G3 disbandment" dinner, which was wonderful. Our Grace Growth Group (hence the term "G3", for the uninitiated) had met for three full years. Wow. Many laughs and good times with Troy and Becky, Andy and Jeannett, and Cade and Joy (and Tom, and Dan and Kristin, though they bailed on us, maybe because we were too weird.)

We also were blessed by Darin, Lara and Caedra coming and making us dinner right before we left. We have been friends with them since college (Kevin knew them first) and what can I really say, they are amazing. I used to get sunburned from talking to Lara for so long in the church parking lot after church! They are those people who will always be in your heart, you know? (If you wanna see some fun old pics of us and them, check out this post on Lara's blog.)

I also got to have lunch with three girlfriends that I grew up with, a few days before we left. Dusty, Misty and Rebekah always make me laugh and it's always a treat remembering old times and catching up on life now. I will miss these girls, even though I didn't see them near enough when I still lived within an hour of them!

The day before we left, Rebekah called me in the morning and asked if she could bring her two little girls up so they could see the kids before we moved. Yay! SO not only did I get to see my sweet friend again (my BFF since 3rd grade, wow!), I got to see her kids. AND Rebekah showed up with the makings for ice cream cones, fed the kids lunch, AND took them all to the park for a long time while we worked on packing and loading the truck. When they were about to leave, her girls gave each of our kids a special "care package" for the trip: some toys, a mix of their favorite music, snacks, etc. I was so touched and my kids were so thrilled! They will miss Claire and Sadie!!! (Well, so will I.)

Also shortly before we moved, my friend Kate prepared a meal for us to have. I feel like for as long as I've known Kate, any time a baby has been born, or I've been sick, she's called with the offer of a meal. I've been so blessed by her friendship! (And not just because of her good cooking. :) ) Anyway, she made us this chicken potpie--what a fun surprise when we took the foil off!!
Anyway, I miss everyone and look forward to visiting and catching up in person one of these days! Thanks for all your prayers and friendship during this crazy time! I am blessed!


Anonymous said...

Brianna - great to see you up and running again! I miss you, Kevin and your Littles so much! Thinking of you and hoping the exhilaration of all the new streets and buildings to see and parks to explore outweighs the terror!

Getting new friends is the hard part, true, but your friends back here will always be with you in spirit. And just think, God has set aside a Denver church and friends for all of you, just as sure as He set aside your house and the whole relocation and annointed it. Be encouraged, Dearie. And get a hold of me if you get a little overwhelmed or, dare I say it, depressed. I call it the "relocation lonelies" and can speak to them personally.

Hang in there!
P.S. I'm doing more painting too - it never ends! :)

Katie Lady said...

I am really proud of you for going to try something new! Church shopping is a challenge, and I am not looking forward to it when Tim and I move either, but when I'm discouraged I'll talk with you because I'll bet you'll be "in" by then!

shell said...

I am so glad you went! I was cheering for you from here. We have moved twice and I forget the time it takes to settle into routine. One pray I have prayed every time we move is that God would bring me one good best friend that I can be real with. I figured one isnt asking too much. :) He has answered this every time in amazing ways. I will pray it for you too! Glad you are blogging again!!

Tamara said...

I was scrolling through the pictures really quick and said "Hey those are my cousins!"

Glad you got to see them before you left... we should talk them into a road trip that hits my house and then your house :D


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