Friday, May 16, 2008

A little progress

Slowly but surely we're making a dent in the work that needs to be done on our home. (Amidst four small "helpers", like the one pictured here.) Tonight the carpet installer is coming to measure, and once he does that we can order our beautiful new carpet for the playroom, bedrooms, and downstairs (basement)! (I'd describe it as a mocha color.) This weekend we, maybe with a new friend of Kevin's, will be ripping up the existing carpet and happily throwing it away.

Kevin also just ripped out the awful old woodburning stove from the room that will be the kids' playroom. (You will now see several pictures of this; for some reason I got a kick out of it.) Denver has a great program where you can schedule a pickup for large items like that, for free. Sure beats paying $300 for a professional to come in, take it out, and dispose of it! Kevin moved it out to the alley Wednesday night, and--oh, this just in--now it's GONE! nevermind scheduling a pickup! Kevin also ripped out the tile backsplash behind it, and is going to pull up the tile on the floor this weekend.

We had a handyman come and take a look at some different things, and he will be coming to do all manner of work soon. We're also about to redo the downstairs bathroom; hopefully we can get the bathtub resurfaced and not have to buy a new one. We'll be getting a new vanity and sink, and redoing the tile floor. (Haven't picked out those things yet.)

We've put the kitchen cabinets on hold for the immediate future, until we at least get the new flooring ordered and some other things nailed down. We're going to resurface those (instead of ripping everything out) and get new shelves for inside. We have the cabinets all picked out, we just have to measure and order.

I found some throw pillow covers for our couches. I couldn't decide between the chocolate brown or the eucalyptus, so I bought the brown for now and might buy the green later so I can change things up. They are SO. SOFT. I also bought some fun summer-y fabrics to make some additional pillows to go with the brown. (Now if I can just find my sewing machine...)

Tonight Kevin picked up a black armoire that we bought off Craigslist. It's great! Just what I wanted, though I'm going to change out the hardware. And so cool to be giving new life to something instead of buying brand new.

Finally, I'm on the hunt for some bedknobs for Anna's new (my old!) daybed. It has the polished brass knobs that it came with, which I don't like, and all I can find online are wooden ones. I ideally would love to have glass-looking ones. Any ideas???

That's it for now. More pictures will be forthcoming!


chrissie said...

Anthropologie has really cool knobs.
So glad you guys are happy in Denver.
Love to you and your sweeties!

Joy said...

i was thinking anthropologie, too. maybe restoration hardware? wow--you guys are doing a ton of work. how fun! well, it sounds fun to me because i don't have to do the work, make the choices and live in the midst of the work. miss you!

Kristen Borland said...

improvements are so fun!! (well, the final products are... not the process!) you are certainly busy. it will be so nice that you got it all done now instead of in stages (that drag on and on). i love kevin's expressions in the pictures. he's working all hard, and you're taking pictures (heck, i'd do the same thing!), and he's looking at you like, "you sure are enjoying yourself, aren't you?" classic!

Katie Lady said...

my hat's off to you for doing all that work, keeping toys packed up and trying to entertain four little ones at the same time. I guess I'd better not let Tim read your blog or he'll think I'm a whiner for not wanting a fixer-upper for our new home down south! glad you are getting settled... enjoy the beautiful weather!

Carrie Haughey said...

try your local small hardware store. I needed a knob the other day and went to PCHG here in SLO and found a really cute glass one, unfortunately it didn't fit my project, so I had to get a plain wood one...

Loving the updates. I am living vicariously through your decorating and remodeling... oh, to own and not rent... :0)

lindsey cheney said...

i'm thinking you should look for glass/crystal doorknobs. they're pretty easy to find new or vintage. or you could just spray paint the old knobs to get you by for a bit!


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