Friday, May 02, 2008

Fear and trepidation

So Kevin is force--er, encouraging me to go tomorrow morning to a ladies event for the church we've been going to, so I'll meet some people and to get a better feel for the church. I say if he thinks it's so great maybe HE should go--though having breakfast with a bunch of women and shopping at a flea market would probably not be so fun for him. :)

I totally want to meet new people and make some friends but seriously I HATE not knowing anyone, being the only new person at an event. What if I have nothing to talk about? Small talk with strangers makes me totally nervous. Ugh.

Soooo, say a prayer for me that I won't make a complete idiot out of myself!

Oh and the church we've been going to meets downtown and is a reformed church--pretty different from what we're used to (much smaller, fewer families and more singles--it is the city I suppose, liturgical, and of course the more reformed theology), but pretty cool too. Found 'em online awhile ago and were impressed with their values and purpose as a church. So far it seems cool, though it'll take some getting used to. I hate church shopping!!!


Jeannett Gibson said...

Actually, you should do fine tomorrow...seriously, you have a ton of built in conversation topics...where you came from, why you moved, how many kids, how you had so many so "quickly" should all spill out easily. Now I can't wait for the report on how this little event plays out! I hope you don't have to bring a salad...that might be a bad first impression!

Mike and Rachel said...

GO! Just arrive a few minutes late and sit at a table with someone who seems friendly. Mike and I did this when we started at Plum Creek, yes we both went, but it was a brunch. We decided to sit at a table with the woman who had a kid around Aubrey's age. Hmmm... a year and half later, Rachael is one of my dearest friends and Jasmine and Aubrey are bossom buddies. And heck, Mike and Jason get along great too. Have fun!

Lisa Leonard said...

go and be yourself. how can they not love you? miss you so much!

Joy said...

oh, brianna, it is hard to be new.i'm praying for you now and i'm on board with jeannett and lisa--you have a ton of conversation starters and how could anyone not love you? sounds like you've been doing a ton of work on the house, too. glad you're so close to kevin's work--isn't that fun? miss you and far as pillows, i'm thinking, target, or a marshall's or ross if they have one. it is a city, so maybe those aren't those hippest options. missing you--i'd totally go with you this morning, if i could! a flea market sounds way fun!


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