Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Recent life in pictures

An after-dinner walk to Stella's for pastries--Daddy and his girls.
And Mama and her boys.
They build a lot of stuff when legos are the only toys that are unpacked.
Breakfast in bed on Mother's Day--thanks Kev!
Consumerism begins at a young age--Park Meadows Mall.
Boy loves to carry Mommy's packages.
Sleeping sweetly (in the upright position.)
She likes putting potatoes in her shoes.
So does he.
Off to bury a dead, pre-born bird. May "Anna-the-bird" rest in peace.


Kristen Borland said...

1. love that you posted a picture of your morning hair.
2. your neighborhood looks gorgeous!
3. yay! you have a mall!! is it a real mall?
4. everybody's just a cute as ever.
5. is a dead pre-born bird really an egg? (i like how the kids (and kevin) are trying to look sad, though biniam actually does looks sad.)

Kristen Borland said...

okay, number 4 is supposed to say "as cute as ever".

Brianna Heldt said...

HA Kristen, YES it is a "real" know, actual stores and actual people shopping, not just teenagers loitering after fact, we have two "real" malls nearby. Thinking of us at the Santa Maria Town Center always makes me smile!!!

No the "pre-born" bird was like a fetus. It was mostly developed, we think maybe the egg fell out of the tree and smashed onto our car, which is where we found it.

Anna Lyons said...

Ha, potatoes in the shoes huh? Random but sounds like something I would have done. Ooooh, I love real malls. We had an amazing one in NC where I grew up and then we moved here. There was the SLO know, the one with Claires and Hotdog on a Stick. Lame. I agree with Kristen, I was super impressed with the Mom's Day pic. Props to you! Realness is the best!

The MSILF said...

You better unpack those toys, unless you want to find some shoes months from now with rotting potatoes in them!

Jeannett Gibson said...

The potato in the shoe is quite inventive. I am impressed. I think you should keep the toys packed up and see if you can teach them fun games like "paint the living room" and "wash the dishes" and "mow the lawn". Those are GREAT games.

Becoming Me said...

I am so glad I found your lovely blog. Your family is precious and your posts are nice to read.


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